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#1 Edited by pwr905 (97 posts) -

Does "The Dude" count as character development?

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Smells fishy.

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Mount & Blade series; probably 250 hours if I had to guess.

Maybe not as much as some other people, but I have to find some time to fit work into my gaming life.

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No ulterior motive, I'm not traffic farming or anything. I'm creating a video tutorial w/ Cheat Engine, and am getting into more technical things like data types, bit patterns, other stuff.

Thought some people might find it useful, funny, or crappy. Anyway ... I'm enjoying myself; hopefully there is some value here for other people.


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Obviously, words are thin and meaningless in the context of this news.

So, I will just post to show solidarity at how tragic the news is.

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It's things like this that make me want to better myself.

#7 Posted by pwr905 (97 posts) -

Cranberry green tea.

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 Haha .. I dunno about you all, but I just started a "Joint Trunk" of my own. Shit, for some reason that is funny as hell.

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Extenze commercials - I don't know about where you li ve, but you can set your clock to it around here. Midnight and later and all you're going to see is "... male enhancement."
The new Cool Whip commercial - "We are Cool Whip, and we will not tone it down!" ... ugh
Any advertisement for House, or High School Musical.
Not to be all negativity .. some ad's are funny - like that old one about the Maxwell tapes (and the satirical one about Maxhell or something).

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The ending of the original, out-of-box, "unpatched" version of Fallout 3.
Every "immersive" RPG with cookie-cutter, FedEx(tm) side quests.
Dungeon Lords. The entire game, obviously.
When New World Computing/Ion Storm (Austin) closed.
Anything related to Battlecruiser and Derek Smart.
... and many, many more ...

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