PSN being down is helping with the backlog

I was sooo pissed off when PSN went down. I have both a PS3 and 360 but just lately have been buying everything on PS3 so have hardly any 360 games. I was actively playing Killzone 3 Multiplayer, Dunger Hunter Alliance Co-op and dead nation co-op. The first few days it was off I was fed up as I was hoping to get some good killzone 3 time in with friends as everyone was off for the holiday. 

I have to say though as the days dragged on I ended up playing games that have been sat there for ages. With being a PSN+ member I had recently got all the Sam and Max episodes free and so started playing through those. Then I went on to start Fallout 3 on PS3, even though I had racked up over 100 hours on the 360 version I was hooked once I started playing. With having all the DLC packs with being a Ps+ member I had a blast playing through it. Also I got back into Super Street Fighter IV, played through the Stacking DLC which luckily I managed to buy before it all went to shit. 
I am also playing through some games I got on sale from steam during the Christmas holidays that I had hardly played at all. So while I can't wait to get back online, it has helped me plough through some of the many, many games I have acquired and never seem to get  around to playing.


So happy to finally have steam on Mac. Bought Torchlight while it was on sale and it runs beautifully. I will be eagerly awaiting Wednesdays to see what releases for Mac come out. There are a few I am keeping my fingers crossed for. Almost bought Guns of Icarus too but held off for now.


Hooked the 360 back up

I haven't been on the 360 in a while, my online has expired and I don't really want to pay out to get it renewed. I have most of my games on PS3 now, if there is a choice on what to get a game on I pick that every time.  
I had to run a cable from the bedroom (where the modem is) into the living room which is pretty annoying, didn't realise how the 360 not having wireless could be a pain in the ass until I wanted to go online again. I am playing through Mass Effect 2, which is amazing and wanted to get the downloadable stuff for it. Also i am finally getting to play Banjo Tooie all these years later! I wanted it when it first came out but couldn't afford it at the time. I won a code for it on twitter which was pretty cool so I also downloaded that.  Can't say when i will play it though as I am really engrossed in Mass Effect 2. I loved being able to import my character from Mass Effect but was happy that I could change class as I wanted to try something a little different without having to start again. 


Happy New Year!

Another year has passed with some amazing games that i got to play. My personal favourites of this year have to be Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2, infamous, Dragon Age: Origins. 
I bought a couple of PSN games over the holidays, Zen pinball and Lumines. I have sworn off spending too much money on PSN as I tend to buy lots of games on there that I never end up playing but I think I chose well this time, especially with Lumines as I was hooked on that game on the PSP at one time. I am looking forward to another year of gaming, my most anticipated games have to be Bioshock 2, God of War 3 and Bad company 2.  


Sims 3 World Adventures

 Bought the expansion and can't get it to install. It doesn't recognise that I have the original game installed so won't install World Adventures. I have been on the forums on the sims website and seems i am not alone. Have had so many problems with the Sims games and their expansions that I sometimes wonder why I bother.    


Finally got my first platinum trophy!

I finally got around to gathering up all the blast shards and finishing off the stunts in infamous and got my first platinum trophy today! I am not far off the burnout paradise one either but don't know if I will push as hard as I did on infamous. I spent so much time looking for the blue dots that show you where the shards are that I thought I would go mad at one point. 


So many games to get through!

I have so many games that I want to either continue that I had started at some point or want to start that it is not funny. Borderlands, Silent Hill:homecoming, Sacred 2, Resistance 2. Fear 2, Katamari Forever, LBP to name just a few.

AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! Why do I keep buying new games :p


Lego Batman & LBP

Really enjoyed Lego Batman, my favourite lego game so far just because of the varied characters you get to play as. I needed something light and fun after playing through inFamous intensely. I am trying to get as many achievements as possible in it before I move on to other things.

Had my first go of LBP the other day (yeah I know I am a bit late to the party on this one). I had always liked the look of it but wasn't sure that I would like it enough to buy it. I got to try a family members copy who is staying with me at the moment and really loved it. Loved it enough that I have requested it for my birthday. 
I have to finish off batman achievements, complete inFamous (I am playing through on hard and got stuck on the final boss), then not sure what I am going to play. 
The choices are

1 Killzone 2......still haven't played this yet even though I bought the PS3 for Killzone 2!

2 Tales of Vesperia

3 Resistance Fall of Man

4 Assassins Creed...still haven't even started this yet

5 Ratchet and Clank: Tools of destruction

Decisions, decisions.


Having an obscene amount of fun playing this game. Had a almost whole day marathon today with a little break for lunch.

It is addictive, fun, and gives  a new breath of fresh air to the open world genre. Just as you think that you have all the special moves  down pat they give you something else to get you excited about. 
I am playing through it as a goodie the first time then I am definitely playing through it again as evil. I honestly didn't expect to like this game as much as I do so it's a excellent surprise.
Short blog, must go back to play!

Sims 3 First Impressions

Picked up my copy of Sims 3 on the day of release and really haven't stopped playing it since. It is so much more alive than previous installments. Just being able to take your sim outside their house and explore the town with no loading screen is so freeing. The other big  improvement from the Sims 2 is the fact that the townspeople (if you chose to keep this option on) can age along with you. Families move in and out, get promoted etc. Now people your sims know will age with them as basically your save is for the whole town not just the family you are playing. 

For example after leaving a particular Sim family for a while, one of my sims had given birth to a baby boy and her mum was now an old lady. All this is optional and can be turned off if you like more control, but  for me I think it will keep the game fresh and exciting so I am definitely going to keep this option on.
Some of the families i made  in the Sims 2 weren't as fun to play as i thought they would be when I made them. If that happens in this game they will eventually age and die if I don't play them which is kind of like an automatic in-game clean up of boring sims.
Also the customization possible now is mind boggling, hair, clothes, furniture, even things down to the standard mail box you get in the game can be changed to any of the many colours and patterns. Makes for a much more interesting and varied experience. 
There is still a lot to figure out and discover, I have only just scratched the surface but I have to give it a big thumbs up from my experience with it so far.
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