Resident Eeeeevil and Broken Steel

Really enjoyed RE5, don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much if I didn't play through the whole thing Co-Op with a friend. Really not into managing two people so was happy to have a real person to play through it with. Didn't have quite the impact that RE4 did for me personally but still a solid game. 

Really over quick time events though, since when was it a crime to sit back, relax and watch a cut scene instead of having to be alert for button presses.
Mercenaries  is pretty fun and a good way to get the points needed to get the bonus items. Haven't played online with strangers but then I never feel any kind of need to, much more fun with people you know.
Also playing through broken steel and loving it, Fallout 3 is such a quality game, I have sunk 100+ hours into that game and still love playing it. It is great to be able to level up again and get some of the perks I had to miss out on, also some pretty good new perks are available. 

PS3 for me

Killzone 2 is the game that is going to make me buy a PS3. It looks great and I wanted a PS3 at some point but didn't know which game was going to be the one that pushed me into action. Now I do. The PS3 is  pretty expensive here in Australia but I am going to trade in my Wii against it, what a waste of money that was. It just sits there mocking me and reminding me of the money I spent on what is in effect an ornament. I loved my N64 but the Wii is just not my thing. 

It is a long weekend  with Monday being a public holiday so I plan on buying the PS3 and playing Killzone 2 until my fingers ache!

Starting the year as I hope to go on

After a few of the games I was highly anticipating fell flat last year, Fable 2 being the main culprit that comes to mind, i ended 2008 and started 2009 in style. 

Dead Space has to be the best game I have played in a while keeping me gripped from start to finish. The story, atmosphere and general creepiness never wavered and I felt really satisfied after finishing the game last night.
It made me realise even more how disappointing Fable 2 actually was, I ended that game feeling cheated of a decent ending and never once was as excited or involved as playing Dead Space which says something as Fable 2 was an RPG.

My personal favourites that I played this year were:
1 Dead Space
2 Gears of War 2
3 Viva Pinata 2

Biggest letdowns that I played this year were:

1 Fable 2
2 Star Wars Force Unleashed
3 Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

Most anticipated game for 2009 is Resident Evil 5 I can't wait to get my hands on that and am hoping it meets my expectations.

Happy New Year!



I have an obsession with word games I love them and can't get enough of them. My iphone has become loaded with various ones from the not so great to the totally addictive. I recently bought WordsWorth for iphone and am really enjoying it so far. 

As you can see from the pictures it looks great and has smooth animations when you enter words.

The good

Customization - You can choose the minimum length of words you can enter starting from 3 letters to 5 letters to make it as easy or hard as you require. 

The grid size can be changed to suit your preference, I personally like it as big as possible to try to get some really long words.

You can choose the amount of scrambles to have to make it easier or harder.

It has a few of the traditional word game dictionaries to choose from which is great too if you want to have English rather than US spelling.

There are special tiles too which include a red tile that ends the game if you do not get rid of it before the timer runs out. The blue tile as seen in the picture can be used as a wild card which lets you use it as any letter you like.

There are also "buzzwords" that if you manage to enter you get bonus points for among other bonuses such as for entering a word 2 letters or more than the minimum word entry you have set.

It is a great game overall at a very reasonable price at the moment with the special introductory offer, the only negatives for me were that the music cannot be turned off independently of the sound effects. I would have liked the option to turn the music off but still have the sound effects when I enter words etc.

Also online scoreboards would be good which could be some kind of timed mode to see who can get the highest score in a set amount of time.

A timed mode regardless of online scoreboards would finish this game off as it would create more of a challenge. Apart from that if you are obsessed with word games like me or just want a nice looking easy to pick up word game this could be what you are looking for.

WordsWorth Board


Hoping that bad things don't always happen in 3's

The gaming Gods are not being kind to me at the moment. Last week my 360 died on me a couple of weeks after the warranty ran out. I had to weigh up if I even was going to buy another as I don't want to waste money on a machine that may only last a bit longer than a year. That said I looked at my pile of unfinished 360 games which include:

Bioshock, Burnout Paradise,Viva Pinata TIP, Dead Space, Half life 2 to name a few. So i went out and got me a new one with an extra years warranty that means if it breaks in the next 2 years I can just take it back to the store rather than having to deal with MicroSoft.
Last night I was getting ready to have a Horde session and put a huge crack in my Gears of War 2 disk. It is such a tight fit in the collectors edition case that it must of strained it when pulling it out and now its unplayable. In all my years of gaming, which are a lot believe me, I have never broke or had a disk with scratches on, I can be pretty anal about keeping the booklets in pristine condition and the disks too.
So I am going to have to go out and get another copy of the game tonight because I am not done with it yet.
The only thing left gaming wise to happen to mess up the christmas holiday gaming fest I have planned is if my TV blows up. 
So I am hoping that the old saying that bad things always happen in threes passes me right by.

Dead Scary

I am playing through Dead Space at the moment, in between horde mode in Gears 2 and i have to say it is very intense. The lighting effects, or lack of light sometimes when the whole room goes dark is very creepy. I find I want to be able to see out the back of my head when I catch some debris or knock something over without realizing and hear some clang or bang behind me. Blinking is hard to do also when playing this game as I find myself over scrutinizing every shadow and corridor. I played Alien Vs Predator on PC a while ago and it reminds me very much of that.

I like having to kill enemies by dismembering them as this also adds to the tension because you have to be more precise about where your shots go instead of just pumping rounds into their bodies or heads.
I am early on in the game but initial impressions are that it its tense, creepy and atmospheric.

Totally unrelated I picked up a copy of Nuts & Bolts and it isn't doing it for me. I find the challenges pointless and boring and I am not into the customizing of vehicles aspect so I find myself playing it for 20 minutes and then I have had enough. I may just not be in the mood for this type of game at the moment after coming off Gears so I will keep it around and see if I can get in to it at some point in the future. Sometimes though it doesn't matter what the score of a game is or if everyone else is raving about it, if its not your thing its just not going to work.

Done with Fable II

So I am all done with Fable II, I have mixed feelings about it now that i have completed the main story line, which I have to say had the lamest ending in an R.P.G that I have ever seen.

I think it was a good pick up and play R.P.G especially maybe for people who are new to the genre or don't want anything too involved. No amour pick ups or very many weapons to chose from makes it simple if not a little boring.
I liked the feel of the areas and towns though the game had some frustrations that were hard to overlook, the inventory system and maps being the main ones. 
So  I came away feeling that it was a good but nowhere near great game and it was reasonably short even with the side quests. The graphics were okay, again nothing outstanding.
The going back to visit family didn't really get me excited in any way, it was more a chore than something I ever really felt any desire to do. 
The thing I enjoyed the most was having the dog, I grew quite attached to it and it has made me want a real dog even more than ever, though I can't have one in my apartment block!
I think with a bit more polish and work into the inventory system and maps it could of made the game a little more enjoyable.
 I found a few glitches too, one was very annoying, if I pressed the A button on my wardrobe in my house it suddenly jumped me over a chair and trapped me in between the wardrobe and the chair and I had to use the menu to fast travel to get out of there.
So overall I would say 3.5 out of 5..........
On to Gears 2.

First Impressions of Fable II

I have played a few hours of Fable II now and I am enjoying it quite a bit. It is pretty simplistic as far as R.P.G's go but is enjoyable. I don't want to do a in depth post about it until I have sunk a lot more hours into it but I can run down my plus and minuses that I have found so far.

1) Being able to chose to be a female.
2) Getting any points back that you sunk into spells that turned out to be useless.
3) The Dog being useful and not just a novelty.
4) Simplistic but satisfying combat.
5) When you die you lose experience but come back exactly where you were up to in the game/quest which makes it less frustrating but still punishes you for dying.

1) Only being able to buy one of each item from a vendor, this is annoying as most food makes your character put on weight and the "fat reducing food" Celery you can only get one stick at a time until they restock the following day. My character looks like a Sumo wrestler at the moment from eating pies and drinking beer.
2) How stupid your character looks when overweight. My character looks like a sumo wrestler with big sausage looking fingers and no amount of running, fighting or any other things you can think of to lose weight work, you have to buy celery from a vendor which takes your weight down a little at a time, they only stock 1 celery stick a day so it is a long painful process if you accidently put a bit of weight on. 
3) Repetitive voice acting.
4) Not being able to easily compare equipped weapons with ones from traders.
5) Bad Inventory design and useless mapping system particularly in towns.

i have had 3 husbands so far, 2 which are dead, murdered, yes by me, but they were very very annoying!  I can't say that element of the game really interests me that much I would much rather be exploring with my faithful dog than dancing like an idiot to try and make my baby like me after I haven't been home in ages.
Ah well at least I can shoot them when the nagging gets too much ;)

Fable 2 Collectors Edition Stripped Bare

So after not being able to get the pub games before the game launches because nobody in Australian Game shops knows anything about it, Fable 2 is shipping with no online Co-op out of the box and the latest development is that the collectors Edition has been stripped bare and is hardly any different from the normal game.

Lionhead Studios have announced on their Official Blog that no longer is Fable 2 Collectors Edition coming in a premium box, nor with 5 fate Cards, nor with a Hobbe figure. 
Seriously a couple of weeks before it is due to ship they let everyone know this, okay they dropped the price of it by $10 US but really this is unbelievable. 
I have never before ordered a Collectors Edition of any game so was pretty excited to get my pre order done and for once get the special edition but looks like I am getting a slightly different normal edition with extra things that I don't even want. Luckily there was a special deal on at the time where the collectors Edition was the same price as the normal one so at least I will not be paying any extra for this really crap collectors Edition.

Silent Hill Homecoming Banned In Australia

Just heard that yet again a game has been banned in Australia and will be delayed until if and when they modify it to be allocated a lower rating 

Yet again it begs the question of why on earth we don't have a rating suitable for games like this in Australia.
The highest film rating is 18+ but any game that is higher than a MA15+ rating is refused classification. 
The highest game rating  MA15+ basically means that anyone under 15 has to be accompanied by an adult when buying such material.
When is this ever going to be dealt with? 
Fallout 3, Dark Sector are other games that were delayed while they were modified to enable them to get a rating.
We pay over the odds for games, wait a long time for games as in the case of Rock Band which is finally coming to Australia in November as everyone is excited about Rock Band 2 and then to top it off have to go through this crap.
Guess I will import it  and the Australian game retailers  will have to lose out on a sale.
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