Iphone Word Games

I bought a few new word games after researching them to find the best reviewed and most appealing to me personally.

The two i settled on were Imangi and Wurdle. 
Imangi is a great word game but very challenging, it is a mixture of word finding and logic.  You start off with a grid of 8x6 letters in which you have to make as many words as you can to try and cover as much of the board as possible. Using the all the red letters on the board earns you a 10,000 point bonus with a penalty of 250 points for each red letter not used.
 You can move each column vertically and horizontally, you get bonus multipliers which are greater the longer the word. It is a very unique game and a huge challenge to get a high score. My highest score so far is 21,000, the highest on their website is 58,000 so I need a lot more practice. There are 4 levels of difficulty though I will probably only ever need the easiest. As you make new words you often mess up the ones you already made so a lot of strategy is needed!

Imangi Grid

Wurdle is very similar to boggle in which you have a board anything  from 5x5 to 8x8 and you find as many words as possible in a choice of 1, 2 or 3 minutes. Wordbble is also a boggle clone but to get anywhere on the high score boards you have to sink hours into trying to solve the puzzle which can get to be a drag on a daily basis. Wurdle allows you to play the same sort of game in short bursts which is much more suitable for the iphone. They have a leader board too and I can't see how you would be able to cheat like people do on Wordabble. Forgetting the built in list that I have moaned on and on about in Wordabble, there are plenty of anagram sites, boggle solving programmes that allow people to cheat and get n the leader board. Wurdle combats this problem by not letting you pause the game. Meaning you can't pause write all the letters down then pretend you are smart and enter lots of words. Also they have the longest word/highest scoring word leader board so I guess this fulfills my competitive word playing needs without the huge daily commitment and cheating.
I have to say the interface is really clear too with lots of options to change tile colours, grid size and game time.

Wurdle Grid



So I ended up buying Fable off XBL. I had rented it from the local Blockbuster but it was pretty scratched up and in a bad way. I played about an hour then it just refused to work anymore.

I had played enough to know that I wanted to see more of it though I really hope that I am not ruining my desire for Fable 2. 
My reasoning was this, its not logical and I am no good at math so if the figures don't add up thats fine just go with it.
Reasoning is this, I got 500 free points from Game over my Fable 2 pub games pre order not happening.
I already had 200 points because you have to buy points in multiples of 500 when games usually are in 400 increments (why is that!). Someone please make them sell them in 400 blocks then I don't have to keep buying more points than I need, though it helped in this case. 
So then I had 700 points.
I figure I will moan about the game not working and hopefully either get a free rental or my money back which was $4 for the weekly rent, $4 is around 250 points in Australia so that makes 950 points.
My head is hurting now.
Okay so no way would I have finished Fable in one week so maybe I would of rented it for a second week (had it been working) so another $4 makes up the other 250 points i needed to get to 1200.
Nice and neat eh? It made me feel better anyway even if it makes no sense at all.
So i guess in summary
Free points+left over points+possible 2 weeks rental of Fable=I own Fable :p

Glad I got that off my chest.

My Love Affair with Wordabble Is Over

My love affair with Wordabble is officially over, a recent update which allows you to end your game and reveal all the answers has ruined the online aspect of this game. Seems people want to win no matter what and are using multiple devices to read the list and enter it. Wow way to go! You can copy words off a list into your phone, you really deserve to be top of the leader boards. I understand that if you wanted to cheat there are many different ways to do so but this particular work around is built into the game and people are finding every word on a regular basis which has killed the daily puzzle mode, which at the moment is the only worthwhile mode on the game.

On the one hand the developers are deleting scores that seem weird (i.e since the update some people get every single word in a puzzle in less than half an hour) On the other hand they are trying to make out that these are just "gifted players" and are thinking of assigning them their own leader board. If they truly think they are gifted players then why delete their scores? Seems very strange to me. Before the update NO ONE ever solved the puzzle completely.
Seriously there are far too many games to play and not enough time to play them without participating in a daily competition that has a built in cheat.
My Favourite Web App  just got a native iphone release though and Scramboni is a great little word game. Basically you play online with people all at the same time and unscramble anagrams as quickly as possible against the other competitors. It has 20 rounds per game and there really isn't any time to try and cheat and best of all it is free! You don't need an iphone or ipod touch to play it is playable on safari and firefox too and also Wii the official web site can be found here Be warned if you are going to try it there are some really fast anagram finders on there.
I am thinking of trying Wurdle too which has a high score leader board. 
I would love to have scrabble on my iphone but I can't buy it off the Australian Itunes store because of  licensing issues, that really sucks because I wouldn't need any other word game on there if i had that.

Menu Page


Aussie Pre Order Rip Off

I pre ordered Fable II collectors edition and though the pub game promotion wasn't the main or even any of the reason for doing so it really annoys me that  I can't seem to get my pub games bonus.

I have trawled through so many forum posts and have yet to find any one from Australia who has received their code.
I ordered the collectors Edition from GAME and  when I went in there today  to ask about the pub games codes, they had no idea when or if they are ever getting them, they didn't seem to know anything about it. The guy in the store was nice enough to give me a GTA IV pack with free gamer pics plus 500 points (to put towards buying the pub games), which was more than I was expecting.
On the official press release it listed GAME, EB games, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman and All Interactive as stores participating in Australia, it is so frustrating because it seems like the game stores are clueless.
The guy today said they have had no communication about it so it is like pulling teeth trying to get any solid information. I am not wasting the 500 points he so kindly gave me on the Pub Games when 
1) I should have them free with the pre order
 2) They are included in the game anyway 
Any fellow Aussies who have had more joy than me trying to work out if I am actually ever getting the code, feel free to chip in.

Meteos Wars

i was reading an article about Meteos wars coming to XBLA

I loved the original Meteos on DS , and confess that I also have the disney one too. It was a little easier than the original because it allowed for  horizontal movement of the blocks as well as vertical.
I  am a sucker for good puzzlers and the only thing that I wonder about is how good it would be to play using the 360 controller, the stylus worked beautifully on the DS version.

Birthday Wishes

It is my birthday on Saturday, can't say I really am into birthdays that much, celebrating getting older seems weird to me. Anyway the thing I do like is that it is a chance to get games and there is nothing bad about that.

My wish list I guess would be in no particular order
Viva Pinåta: Trouble In paradise (not out in time for my birthday but only a few days later so I can wait).
Beautiful Katamari, just because it is a game I really like but always find things over it to buy.
Virtua Tennis 3, I bought Top Spin 2 and find it really annoyingly hard to play. It isn't fun and at the start when your player has poor stats a rally can take 20 minutes just to win one point. So i want a good tennis game because they are always fun.
Mercenaries 2, again not out until after my birthday but for some things its worth the wait.
Points are always good too, can never have enough of those. 
I think I made it clear to anyone who asked me what i wanted, that games or itunes vouchers or points were high on my list, so hopefully I will have at least one new game on Saturday.


See updated blog post Dated 9th September 

I have been playing a lot of a new word game on the iphone recently called Wordabble.  The basic idea is to get as many words as possible in a 5x5 grid. There are a couple of modes but the mode I am hooked on it is Puzzle of the Day. 
As the name suggests you download a new puzzle onto the phone every day and compete against other people for the high score of that day.
High S

Geometry Wars 2 Achievements


I still can't get the Wax off achievement, I have been sooo close at 93% but it still eludes me.
Now I have that out of the way i gotta say Geometry Wars 2 drags me back to it even when I try to play other things.
My thumb started to really ache after playing pacifism mode for way too long trying to get the 'Wax Off' Achievement. It reminded me a bit of days gone by  playing the N64, my thumb would really ache playing certain games on that too. 
It is called Pacifism yet of all the modes it makes  me the most tense and aggravated. After playing that mode for a while I just have to go shoot some stuff. 
If anyone wants to share any tips for how to survive pacifism mode without throwing something at the TV please let me know. 
I get more annoyed because I die mostly because the orange bits on the end of the gates don't like me, they turn as i approach them and cross over each other making what seemed to be a nice open gate a deathtrap.
Playing Bad Company straight after was a great way to get rid of any frustration I was feeling though, that game is really cool.
I love the dialogue, the open landscapes, the pacing of the game, the online is pretty good too, though I haven't played that much yet. I want to get the single player mode done first before I get hooked into multiplayer and will probably do a review once I am through with the single player. It will get me through the time spent waiting for Gears of War 2 which i can't wait for.


I have a new addiction

I should of known this would happen, I had geometry wars for DS and for a while it was all I played on there. I decided to buy Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 and I am hooked. It has taken over puzzle quest as my favourite XBL game and has pulled me away from leveling my character.

I love king mode, i have to say at the moment that is my favourite mode, sequence, which I thought might be the mode i liked the best, is probably my least favourite. I find myself cursing a lot in that mode and its not as satisfying for my personally as some of the other modes. 
i think with the 6 different modes to play though that there is something for everyone and last night I even played some co-op which was good fun. You can play as 2 ships on the same board or the more difficult way of one person controlling the ship and the other one shoots, it is pretty challenging way to play but a nice addition.


Hey just wondered if anyone knows how to go about getting an image removed from a particular game. 

Something weird happened when I was uploading images for rescue squad and it uploaded an image from another game into the gallery.
it was accepted and now is up there on the page and up to now I can't find a way of editing images on a page to delete it from the page.