Pre ordered Fable II

Yesterday I pre ordered Fable II from Game (australia). I decided to get the collectors edition as for some reason they had it at the same price as the normal one. I have never had a collectors edition of anything before so that is kinda cool. I gotta say though the guy in my local Game is an ass. He is not a great example of good customer service as he seems to go out of his way to be condescending. Though could be just  me he doesn't like.

Fable II

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CritterCrunch for iphone

I just figured out how to take screenshots on my iphone so thought I would post some pictures of CritterCrunch, a game that I am currently playing on there. It is a puzzle game with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay.
The basic idea is to feed smaller critters to larger ones to get them to pop or cause a chain reaction to pop multiple critters to fill up your hunger meter. There is also a puzzle mode where you need to get rid of all the critters in a set amount of moves which can be challenging.
The touch screen works well and I think it is a very good quality game.
Adventure Mode

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Puzzle Questing

Really excited because I had a quick look this morning and the Puzzle Quest expansion has gone up. I was short of 300 points as I only had 400 left on my account. So even though I had to buy more points than I needed as they only do them in 500 increments on xbox live (In Australia at least, can't speak for other countries) I am still really happy.

I love this game and intend to get my current character, Olendra, to level 60 then maybe look at making a new character with one of the new classes. 

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Puzzle Quest Expansion Pack & iphone Games

I am eagerly awaiting the puzzle quest expansion pack and heard that it is coming to the US and Europe tomorrow. No word on the Australian release date but I am going to check tomorrow to see if we get it too. It sounds like it could be worth buying, especially with there being new classes to try out. I am a bit of a puzzle quest addict, having bought it for DS, PSP and Xbox live arcade, crazy but true. I would buy it for my iphone too if it ever came out.

 The only games I have on that at the moment are Fire Words, Tap Tap, Aurora Feint and just last night I bought Crittercrunch. I have to say that crittercrunch is a beautiful looking game and pretty addictive too.  All the other games I have on there, apart from Fire Words are just free downloads which is great. There seems to be more and more appearing all the time, though I am pretty annoyed that Scrabble isn't coming to my territory because of some licensing problems. 
It is the same on, only people in the US and Canada can play scrabble on there. I wish they would sort something out because its a classic word game that I reckon would be really well suited to the touch screen of the iphone, hopefully one day I get to find out for myself.
I love scrabble so much that I bought the gba version for way too much money than I should have and was really hard to track down.
Anyway back to Puzzle Quest, 700 points seems fair considering the new classes, spells etc, though I know it might seem a lot for people that paid the reduced 800 points for the original game. I am crossing my fingers that it comes out here tomorrow too, I don't want everyone leveling up to 60 before I get chance to get my hands on it.
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