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Yeah, I tried again but no luck.

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There doesn't seem to be any trophies for this DLC, which seems strange especially as it seems to have achievements on 360.

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Now I don't feel so bad about the couple of games I bought! ;)

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About time! I have wall conversations all the time :)

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Just a word of warning to anyone installing Ambitions, make sure that you back up your Sims 3 saves folder first. After the install my saves folder was completely overwritten and none of my saves were there. Luckily I had backed up so didn't lose all my progress.

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I will raise that 2 cents to 5!

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i don't understand some of your gripes with the game. The one thing I think we agree on is that the fast speed time is not fast enough. It is slower than in The Sims 2 and I don't know why, if it some issue because the town is still alive and bustling at night maybe they could add a skip ahead option to a time defined by the user or something like that.

The part you said about no-one coming to visit anymore baffled me, for the first time in Sims history you can take a sim out of his/her house and walk/ride around town. I think the idea is to not be stuck in a house doing the same things over and over but to explore the world, meet people in the community lots. You can eat, shower,sleep on benches in town so I don't see why you would want to spend all your time at your house.
Sims can still have parties, invite friends over like before. If someone lives across the street or anywhere in town you can go to there house and knock on the door and visit them. It is much more realistic and immersive.

As for having to work all the time still, I don't understand that either. Most of my sims have a part time job and make extra money by selling things they find around town or selling fish they catch. I think the way to enjoy this game fully is to not get stuck in playing it like it is still SIms 2. Be inventive, creative, play the game to suit your play style.

Buying content is optional but really are you THAT surprised that they want you to buy lots of things. There were stuff packs, expansion packs, things to buy in the store for Sims 2 also.  Thats what makes the customization of everything from the mail box, floors, fridges in fact anything you can think of so good. You can have the same sofa in any colour you can think of with tons of patterns to chose from, and pick to have any colours within that pattern so it kinda makes it better if you don't want to shell out for stuff in the store. Create your own set.

Okay back to playing :P
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Picked up my copy of Sims 3 on the day of release and really haven't stopped playing it since. It is so much more alive than previous installments. Just being able to take your sim outside their house and explore the town with no loading screen is so freeing. The other big  improvement from the Sims 2 is the fact that the townspeople (if you chose to keep this option on) can age along with you. Families move in and out, get promoted etc. Now people your sims know will age with them as basically your save is for the whole town not just the family you are playing. 

For example after leaving a particular Sim family for a while, one of my sims had given birth to a baby boy and her mum was now an old lady. All this is optional and can be turned off if you like more control, but  for me I think it will keep the game fresh and exciting so I am definitely going to keep this option on.
Some of the families i made  in the Sims 2 weren't as fun to play as i thought they would be when I made them. If that happens in this game they will eventually age and die if I don't play them which is kind of like an automatic in-game clean up of boring sims.
Also the customization possible now is mind boggling, hair, clothes, furniture, even things down to the standard mail box you get in the game can be changed to any of the many colours and patterns. Makes for a much more interesting and varied experience. 
There is still a lot to figure out and discover, I have only just scratched the surface but I have to give it a big thumbs up from my experience with it so far.
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Had one die up to now, just after the 12 month warranty was up

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So the only way to remove your twitter account from GB is to ask one of the site engineers to remove it? Seems like something the user should be able to do.

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