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Deficient Katamari 0

After being a huge fan of the PS2 and PSP katamari games I was really hoping for something of at least the same quality as those. Unfortunately Beautiful katamari does not quite live up to its predecessors. On the plus side you get to roll the hugest katamari yet, rolling up stars and such like in space.It is all over far too quickly though, the content is sparse compared to other katamari games, yes you can download more challenges over XBL but at a cost. I feel that the downloadable levels are...

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Great puzzle game 1

This game has similarities to sudoku in that every puzzle is solvable with a little forward thinking & logic. It is nicely presented and very easy to learn how to do the puzzles with the straightforward tutorial.It requires using the stylus which works really well, the boxes you have to touch are a decent size so you never find yourself tapping the wrong one.If you connect to nintendo wi-fi there you can play against other people and will also find access to additional puzzle packs to donwlo...

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Disappointing 2

Conan is in someways satisfying and in other ways very disappointing. A positive is definitely the many different ways to gruesomely kill enemies.  Slicing enemies arms and heads off or skewering the enemy onto a fence is very satisfying. Also the environments, especially the beach areas I really liked the feel of.The negatives for me were the voice acting, boss fights, camera issues, lack of atmosphere and length of the game. I managed to finish it in just under 6 and a half hours and with no m...

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