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I really hope the script is better than both JJ directed Star Trek movies so it becomes more than a forgettable blockbuster.

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Dragon age, everyone except Jeff should play dragon age at least until they get to Skywatch.

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Read the entry on the black city to rejigger my memory from the first game and that reminded me, the lore in dragon age is pretty fucking great.

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@lawgamer: Already did the pre skywatch stuff with friendly fire on hard, not going to stop now. And yeah, the micro management is demanding but the really heavy stuff isn't required for most fights so you only have to micro manage in big encounters. In most fights you just have to initiate the fight properly with a good full draw shot and a well placed war cry. FF prevents you from destroying the front line with a bunch of AoE attacks with no consequences to your front line fighters which would make no sense.

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Minor spoilers for the progression in the game.

What are the attacks (if any) that don't impact your allies if you're playing with friendly fire on? I'm pretty sure you can't hit them with a normal AoE attack with two handed weapons and the like. Some of those specialization abilities sound cool but I worry I'll end up hurting my tank on the front lines by using them. Does the Reaver's circle of pain do spirit damage to your allies with FF on? What about the templar ability that creates powerfull explosions when dispelling barriers?

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@gaspower: You should probably check their level. No way they're at lvl 5-6 like the enemies you should be fighting right now. Hard is already pretty challenging vs enemies at your lvl, don't make it impossible for yourself, especially if like me you're playing with friendly fire

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@ssully said:

Get a two handed warrior. Unlock Mighty Blow. Unlock Whirlwind. Spin to win.

Unless you're playing with friendly fire. Goddamn my main character is hard to manage when most his special attacks can kill his allies on the front line.

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Please no spoilers: did I miss an assassin type character? I just recruited the mages but I don't have any backstabby character in my roster. I specked Sera in archery since it seemed like her thing but I would like someone to give all those daggers to. Any subtle hint you guys could give me?

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@pweidman: Don't fool yourself. Bungie is the one to blame. They're the ones who didn't have enough of 4 years+ to get their act together in time to deliver on the date specified on the contract. DLC was planned years ago. No need to explain things with conspiracy when it's much more easy to explain them with incompetence.

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@sammo21: Brad isn't stupid, he knows the best everyone had to say about destiny was mouth fart noises. After it wins most disapointing game of the year there's no way he's going to fight for a top 10 stop. I swear, people are way too hung up on that skyrim vs SR:tT argument.