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more varied guns. (main weapons is basically 3 rifles either full auto burst or single shot so its basically the same and the hand cannon is terrible in lategame.

You mean in raids and nightfall strikes? Because at lvl 24 I soloed an entire lvl 24 strike until the boss using mostly a hand cannon. A good one can one shot any grunt enemy and takes chunks of health off of big guys with every shot.

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@boojr said:

why are we still talking about this was a let down (almost brought a ps4) and in a few years will be forgotten unless they just keep throwing money at it to keep it alive.... T__T

Because the ways in which it is a let down, and the fact that--despite its myriad flaws--it can still command so much attention from its players, are completely fucking fascinating.

How about because a bunch of people actually like it a lot? I, for one, love the shit out of it. Sure, the variety in content is lacking and the story is bad but the content that's actually there is incredibly fun to play. The multiplayer is great and rewarding in a way I haven't felt since modern warfare 2. I'm really looking forward to trying out that raid and so is a lot of people. That's why we're still talking about destiny.

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@honkalot: You should only look for high light stats, the int, dis, str combo you want and good perks in multiplayer armor. Armor stat doesn't matter. Same goes for guns. I'm still using a green shotgun in multiplayer even though I'm lvl 24 because it has a good perk good impact and can hold 5 rounds.

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Technical questions:

  1. Do perks like ''improve melee speed'' and ''grenade hit recharge melee energy'' stack if I have them twice on helmet and gauntlets for example? My guess is no but as usual, that stupid interface won't tell me for sure.
  2. Can you exceed the max in the stat bar for weapons? I have a perk on my brand new legendary rocket launcher (THE PURP GODS HAVE SMILED UPON ME) that improves blast radius but the bar is already full
  3. What is the point of the field scout perk on rocket launchers? Normally I see a little green arrow next to ammo capacity when I hover over this perk in other weapons. It doesn't have that when I do it on my rocket launcher. Do I get more reserve ammo (more than 5 total) or is this perk really bad, useless garbage?
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@sterling said:

So I can now buy purple gear (lvl 2 vanguard, so only armor), and the second I hit this, my 15th purple engram that I've found, finally gave me a legendary drop. And guess what. It was the only thing that I had enough vanguard marks to buy from the stupid vendor selling level 2 armor. It gave me what I could buy. Fuck this games loot system. Seriously. Its complete bullshit. Granted that was a much better piece of armor than anything I had. But it "randomly" gave it to me after I could buy it. Come on. I'm almost 100% certain that if I didn't just gain the ability to buy them that it would have been something blue.

Well, it doesn't seem bad at all since you presumably didn't buy the piece before you got the drop. Now getting a drop only after you spent all your currency on the same piece sounds like garbage. Hopefully you didn't do that. Anyway, what piece of gear are you even talking about? Armor, boots and gauntlets are all 65, a helmet is 120, weapons are 150+ and that's vanguard and crucible if I remember correctly.

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I got an exotic bounty yesterday, which appears to be given at random when turning in bounties and depending on which one you pick you will get an exotic weapon as the reward.

So do bounties and you might get lucky?

That goes without saying: always to bounties. What was the exotic bounty, was it hard?

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@honkalot: Get those bounties. That's how you get rep. If you're like me you should have enough marks to buy all kinds of stuff once you reach lvl 2 in vangard and crusible.

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@fredchuckdave said:

@extomar: Well I think Inferno could have been as hard as it was and just balanced better so everything didn't literally one shot you; that just killed the hope for most players (and made those of us that did it feel like idiots after the fact for doing so). The big problem was the Auction House and the loot systems. Also 5% is a gross overestimation at this point, it might eventually get to 5% but that will probably take a few months.

Looking back on the history of the thing, they were counting on the combination of the Real Money Auction House and stubborn elitism to push players through to the high end which a lot hated either way. Getting one shotted by AE damage and AOE Denial and AOE Gather effects from multiple champions rushing the players in an area like the Act 2 sewers was a terrible situation. Suggesting that players need to spend another 20 hours running around in Inferno Act 1 is not reasonable nor did it feel reasonable that they just needed to spend $10 in the Auction House.

The issue is that the old fashion MMO style of content was ruinous which Diablo 3 dabbled in and quickly correctly. Blizzard even recognized this was a problem much worse in WoW where you had a giant team of artists and content creators and testers working super hard on a boss fight only a few hundred out of a million would ever try see for months let alone a year later. They determined it wasn't an efficient use of their time and money build games like that and I'm happy they change their stance on both games. That doesn't mean they "cater to filthy casuals" but that everything but a few specialized situations can be seen by almost every single player.

Back to Destiny, it really boils down to whether or not there are enough things to do for most of the players. If this raid content is really what most players are supposed to do then it should be tuned so that most players can do it in a reasonable amount of time instead of months form now.

This has really been blown out of proportion. From the start of the game to the raid it shouldn't take more than 50 hours at the outside. Maybe you won't be able to complete it with the gear you'll have at 50 hours but you will be able to see it. When we take into consideration that the vast majority of people who play CoD or Halo spend hundreds of hours in PvP alone I don't think 50 hours is a tall ask especially if you consider that 15-20 hours will be spent in the main campaign.

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  • If you want more crafting materials (weapon parts and class specific armor parts) you'll have to keep a few greens in your inventory for each slot. When you complete a bounty, equip all the green stuff you want to trash and you should be able to fill it full of xp in 1 or 2 bounties. Remove and trash the stuff that is now filled with xp (no need to upgrade it) and you should get 3 or 4 times more upgrade materials. Repeat the process every time you turn in a bounty.

Yeah, I'm never gonna do that. That sounds like a crazy person thing to do! Games shouldn't be made this way any more!

Also, got my first purple engram last night. Really excited! Got to the tower and decrypted it: I got 2 motes of light. Whoever made the design decision that high level engrams can contain useless garbage should never be allowed to be involved in making a game ever again.

Got 2 strange coins out of my only purple engram to date. This system is really fucked. And yeah, the bounty thing is pretty tedious but you can get through it fast if you know the stuff you want to trash. Anyway, in my experience you either do that or run out of materials in the stretch between 20 and 24-25. After that you have to concentrate on purple gear that doesn't require the same materials.

That ain't nothing you dudes. I've gotten about 11 purple engrams to date and only 2 of them had a purple item. Another GB duder mentioned getting 0 purps so far out of also 11.

Gotta have enough strange coins or mots to buy an exotic at that point at least? I'm at 3 purple engrams, that turned into 4 strange coins and warlock boots. I play a hunter.

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@doctordonkey said:

@pause422: I have to disagree. It has been mentioned before in the thread, but this is where WoW failed in the beginning. The content was only being made for the hardcore and dedicated, a much smaller population than the majority, and if you are actually trying to run a business, you have to market towards the majority. Blizzard stated the reason for their shift in focus from hardcore players to more casual players, was because there just weren't enough people getting to experience the content, and thus losing interest. You can build challenging and rewarding raids, but at least scale it. Don't just have the very entry level stuff be completely impenetrable for the average player.

But you have to have a goal to work towards in that kind of loot game. Getting good loot for loot's sake is dumb. Getting it to be able to access/clear the biggest chalenge in the game is much more appealing. If that chalenge is just another difficulty level on a mission you and evryone in the world already played 20 times who will give a damn? Not me that's for sure.