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Sure it does.  It's just a roundabout way of saying drink anytime you feel like it since you are always either alone or with somebody.  hahaha, this one was actually my favorite.
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I plan to pony up for this tomorrow.  No horsing around either.  I will be hoofing it over to Best Buy first thing tomorrow and I'll be back in the saddle with another great RockStar game!
Here are some good ol' fashion cowboy tips for all you tenderfoot, city-slicker, greenhorns:
1.) Don’t squat on your Spurs.
2.) Never drink downstream from your horse.
3.) Fast is good but accurate is better.
4.) Never drink unless you're alone or with somebody.
5.) Never kick a cow patty on a hot day 
6.) Never slap a mans back if he’s chew’n tobacco.  
7.) Scars are Cowboy Tattoos with better stories. 
8.) Never corner something meaner than you. 
9.) Never give your Horse more attention than your wife, unless you like sleeping in the Barn. 
10.) Never approach a Bull from the front, a Horse from the rear, or a Fool from any direction.

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Purchased!  This is one game that I almost compulsively bought about 20 times at Best Buy for $20 figuring I would get my money's worth at that price with the multiplayer on top of the solo play.  At $5 it's a total no-brainer.   
Steam is awesome. 

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Holy crap that is super cool.  Props to Capcom for this great addition.  I think it would be awesome to have GiantBomb hosted tourneys too!

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Awesome teaser.  I am surprised to see this so shortly after Tatsanoko vs Capcom.  I'd assume the game will be 3D and cell shaded like SF4 (and the trailer) was.

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@tunaburn: The main character is actually a teenage male that pretty much specialized in getting his ass kicked.  Hit Girl kicks plenty of ass in the film for sure mostly with guns and by throwing knives but yeah she did go toe to toe with a few adults as well.  I wouldn't go see a movie that I thought would annoy me either so more power to ya.  
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@Godlyawesomeguy said:
" @tunaburn said:
" i wanted to see it until i saw the previews where a tiny 11 year old girl somehow beats up grown ass men. now i shall not watch it. i cant stand movies where a tiny fucking kid can someone beat up adults "
You should see it anyway. "
Oh hell yeah.  It was an awesome movie!  Hit Girl was the best part of it in my opinion.  She kicked ass!  I'm sure some people are up in arms about some of her R-rated lines though.  I found them hilarious myself.  Kick Ass was a damn good film all around.  Clark Duke who was also in a another movie I just saw, Hot Tub Time Machine, was funny too.  I look forward to seeing him in more stuff.
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For the last 3 or 4 weeks I had been thinking "this is the weekend that Kick Ass starts!" but alas, I was sadly ahead of myself.  It's a little odd too because I am usually right on point with movie releases.  I guess I am just really looking forward to this one.  Or maybe they pushed it back?  Anyhow, I loved Mystery Men and this looks like it will have a similar feel.   I have a suspicion that there might be a Mystery Men cameo of some sort.  That would be pretty neat.  Christopher Mintz-Plass is always good and it looks like this will be a good role for Nick Kage (dorky superhero dad?).  I don't know anything about the rest of the cast but it looks like they will be entertaining. 
What was your opinion of Kick Ass?  What was you favorite scene?  Any disappointments?  I will reply with my feelings on the film this evening after seeing it. 

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Wassup!  I've been meaning to start a blog of some sort somewhere.  This seems like a good place. 
I am currently playing Torchlight for the PC by Runic Games.  I was a pretty big fan of Fate their previous simple, no nonsense dungeon crawler for the PC.  Games like these are awesome fun and go a long way to fill the gap between the huge game title releases. 
Started a blog!  Back to being a vegetarian!  Thank goodness.  Eating meat just doesn't work for me any more.  I was a vegan for a while and think I'm working my way back to there.  I've been inspired lately to do... something.  Find a new/better job, go back to school, eat healthy...something.