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Freaking awesome music. A little disappointed that it wasn't all new though, but similar to the music found in Oblivion. Guess it doesn't matter that much when the music is that good, though.

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-Best Overall Gameplay: Halo 3/Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
-Best Gameplay Mechanic N/A
-Best Single-Player Story: Elder Scrolls Oblivion/ Mass Effect
-Best Xbox Live Game: Halo 3/Battlefield Bad Company
-Best Game to Play with Friends: Halo 3/Guitar Hero 3
-Best Cooperative Game
: Halo 3/ Resident Evil 5
-Best Graphics: Gears of War 2/Resident Evil 5
-Best Sound: Battlefield: Bad Company
-Best Original Score: Halo 3/Elder Srolls IV Oblivion
-Best Explosions:
Battlefield Bad Company
-Best Game Opening:
Halo 3
-Best Game Ending:
Halo 3
-Best Character:
Master Chief
-Best Voice Acting:
Mass Effect
-Best Voice Actor/Actress:
-Best Use of Achievements
-Best Use of Humor: Battlefield: Bad Company
-Best Line: "Marcus, do you think the Locust eats emultion? They can eat shit and die for all I care."
-Best Use of Shock: Gears of War 2, when that dude commits suicide with the shotgun.
-Best Achievement Name: Capitalist pigs, very nice (Battlefield Bad Company)
-Best Use of Creative License
-Best Developer: Bungie
-Best Game Engine: Battlefield: Bad Company
-Best Sequel:
Halo 3/Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-Best Video-Game Add On
: Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky
-Best Game: Halo 3/Mass Effect/Battlefield Bad Company/Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
-Best XBLA Game
: Marathon
-Best Community Game: N/A

Lol yeap, Halo fanboy! Impossible for me to just write one game on some of the categories, so you'll just have to live with that.
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Only tried the demo, didn't find that scary at all.