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@Potter9156: Encumbrance is that.  Your heavy weapon and armor weighing a ton, making your move slower and have shallower jumps, was always the setback I thought
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You'll be fine on the 360.  The only thing they really share is gameplay.  Story-wise it doesn't even matter.

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CG trailers are garbage.  Slapping a pop song onto a trailer and using somene elses art for an appeal to emotion is total bullshit.  Marketing nonsense for jackasses.  I LIEK VIDEOGAMS.

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The RE4 remake isn't the measuring stick to judge HD remakes by, but they can't change the controls.  Most of the sales are nostalgia and if you mess with the game too much you aren't even selling that.

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It's one of the best games ever made and tons of people still play.  I can't imagine playing singleplayer and getting very deep, I wouldn't recommend it.  Don't stick your toe in, just dive, play on battlenet.

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@onarum said:
@Quacktastic said:

I don't think I knew about this,  I'm glad.  Repairing things always feels too arbitrary.  Next up: lock-pick mini-games.

yeah, and after that, as I have said before, the win button, you press it and win the game.
Arguing for immersion I could get if someone were into that, but saying they add difficulty?  No way.
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I'd guess about 9mo-a year after the PC version.  Just going off of my gut.

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Beat Sketcher looks like a dumb good time.  And Bioshock Infinite is supposed to use it.

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@notha said:

that headline made me very confused for a second. but then i realized you were talking about the franchise and not the engine

I thought the same thing.  I was like, "IPHONE, WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
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You should be really proud of that.  You attempted something hard and you followed through.  Nice work.