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Who's more hopeful for Witcher 2 than Skyrim?

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Those seem relatively low overall

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Well the discount goes until March 15th, so you should just be able to buy it after the weekend if worst comes to worst.

Or, maybe try right clicking the game in your my games list and see if you can install that way.

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PC...that is if I ever buy it. Right now, since I have a huge backlog of games I bought over the past few months that I've barely played, I'm probably not going to be picking this up for some time...

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IGN gave it a pretty good review.

I'm GLAD the 360 version isn't wireless, since that means I can use it on PC. :D

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I'm probably one of the few people that actually care, since I don't own a console (no I'm not pretentious and just want to play on PC - I don't have a 360 or PS3, and it was cheaper for me to build a very decent gaming computer) but does anyone know what the actual date of the PC release of SFIV is? I remember the last thing I read about it was on IGN, and it said it was coming "sometime after" the console release, but they didn't specify.

On Wikipedia, it says Q2 2009 and cites Gamespot. Does anyone know if a more definitive answer was released?

Oh yeah, and if anyone is worried about controls on PC, the official FightPad and FightStick work on PC.

BTW: I looked at  DMC4 and Lost Planet as examples of PC releases from consoles coming from Capcom. Both had a 6 month gap between console and PC. But, Devil May Cry 4 was not announced for the PC until 2 months after its release on consoles, while the PC release of SFIV was announced at the same time as the console announcement.

Amazon is listing a February 17th release date for the PC version, but that seems unlikely since Capcom's announcement for the first half of the year says that the PC version is coming out at a "later date" (but I'm guessing before the end of Q2 since the announcement pertained to the first half of the year):


Apparently Gamestop is listing June 2nd as the release date:


Honestly though, it shouldn't take so long to "port". The arcade version is a running on Taito board, which is actually a Core 2 Duo with a GeForce 7900.

I'll be playing Street Fighter III and Alpha 3 on Dreamcast to hold me off...

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Dude...frickin A. I can't wait for this game.

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I can't wait for this either. I also forgot about DMC4. I should get that...

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Personally I blame piracy for the decline in PC gaming, but at the same time the increased power of consoles, and the advancement of online gaming on consoles has also probably put a dent in PC gaming. I also blame Intel Integrated Graphics...gosh those are terrible.

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avast! If not avast, then AVG.