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Without spoiling anything; there is a lot of stuff on fire in the beginning... Fire that you can just walk through and stand in... In fact I walked into a burning building and it had a bunch of lootable objects you would have to walk through fire to get. Kinda of breaks the immersion but I'm enjoying the combat so far and the dialog.

It looks okay on PS4. Not amazing but still pretty good.

I wish I could run.

I really like being able to go into an indoor area without a load screen. I remember DA:O had a lot of load screens going into a tavern or castle and am pleasantly surprised when the doors open and I can go right in. This might change later on in bigger towns but for now it's great!

I wish i was touching a wolf medallion every time I did that ping thing to find materials.

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I've got less than 4 hours left and only need $83 to get to my $500 goal! I think I'll make it, but anyone wants to help out I'll be playing American Chopper 1 & 2 and than maybe me and some friends will finish Halo 4 on Legendary. This has been super fun and I'm glad to have been involved! I'm so tired but feel awesome!!!! I guess I'll post my stream again too. IDK. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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@thelastgunslinger: Nice job man! I'm halfway through mine and have been having a lot of fun... Getting super excited when I got 6 viewers. Pretending a bunch of people are watching and we're famous streamers... Being super stupid. And of course, helping the kids!!!!

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@elko84 said:

@quaglartheiv: i can only hope your stream is 24 hours of Barbie Horse Adventures

I'm starting this now. Maybe I will play it for the remaining 20 hours... Probably will. Barbie knows what's up.

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We killed it at Iron Galaxy.

It got really hype at the end. $2.34! $2.34!

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@fcdrandy: I'm down for $10. I dunno if you're still doin it but here's my donations page if you are! I'm getting really excited. Taking all my scratched up discs to get cleaned today so they have less of a chance of giving an error or something stupid, and I'm having my roommate test the rest since I want to know as little as possible about what I'll be in for when I play these games. Also I ordered Brute Force off Amazon since I heard that was a not great game and they sent me Cabela's Outdoor Adventures in a Brute Force case... I'm not sure how to feel about this.

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Well I got all my stuff together and am ready to go!

My theme is Thrift Store and Local Multiplayer games. Pretty much I got a bunch of random games from my local thrift stores that look either terrible or weird and I will be playing those when I'm alone.

Sneak King you can't escape Shrek... No one can...

Meanwhile I'll be having friends stop by and play some local multiplayer games since that would most likely be more entertaining and will keep me awake. I'm super excited for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Donation Page

Twitch Stream

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PSN: QuaglarTheIV

I played a bunch last night and had a lot of fun with random people who weren't talking, but I have a headset and am down for strategy.

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