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Onions. Everywhere.

Thanks for everything, Scoops! Catch ya later!


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Oh boohoo, what ever will we do now that the "streamers" who only get viewers by having a webcam picture of their cleavage covering ~50% of the stream are going to go away? Woe is us!

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Way too little, WAY too late. After struggling with what the studios called a "finished product", I was indeed very finished with it. No desire to go back to it, the taste that it left behind was way too bad.

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@mattyftm: Well twist my nipples and call me Sally. I'm there! ^_^

Oh, and for the record: I've been irc'ng since 1992, there's very little i haven't seen or experienced there :P

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@alexw00d: You mean the Gamesurge one or the Rizon one?

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@erhard: Oh. Apparently so. Cheers, mate! (Although, I don't see a reason why we couldn't host another one on a bigger network, seeing as #gbxl (GiantBomb Extra Life) is on qnet already)

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Also, for those of you not well versed on the intricacies of IRC, here is a guide. And here are the help-topics for Quakenet.

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This is.. surreal. Fare well, Mr. Davis. The world has lost a big man with an even greater spirit. We will miss you.

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Ahh, love the randomness. Double Fine FTW

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