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Man, touch choice. I'd probably go with DmC, or Crysis 3 actually. Really liked the plot of that one, thought it was a good ending to the trilogy.

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I clicked on the stream, and now Fred Durst is just playing drums with Ghosts running in the background. God Bless America.

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The ending to Dancer in the Dark REALLY bothered me when I watched it on Youtube. Not sure why that specifically hit me, but man, I still shudder a bit when I think about it.

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Wesker has always been the best. Outside of him, I like Nemesis, Krauser, Simmons, and Nikolai. Alfred is great for hilarity and his amazing dolphin laugh.

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I prefer using they and such, but grammatically gender neutral defaults to male. Which always sounded kind of dumb to me.

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I liked Second Son. It wasn't as good as inFamous 2, but I thought it was a great first shot on the new consoles. As with Killzone, I expected games right out of the gate to be smaller in scope, as they worked on technical issues. The big crop of games in 2015 will probably be the start of people getting their feet on sturdy ground and producing more feature-rich games.

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Olympus Has Fallen pretty much IS a Die Hard film. You've made the right choice. I guess that also means White House Down would be too, but that movie looks kinda junky, so I don't know.

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Just a couple thoughts: One, a lot of what people say on the Internet still continues to be toxic filth. Fish definitely didn't deserve the crap that got thrown his way, just like every single other known figure that gets tons of vehement hatred hurled at them on a daily basis. Just look at some of Bioware's employees to see that Fish isn't the only person dealing with this. Not saying they should have to deal with this, just that he isn't alone.

Two, more than anything, I'm kind of disturbed by how much people cheer Fish on for being a total a-hole sometimes. Do I think he's a terrible person? No, of course not, he's just human. He has good days, bad days like everyone else. Maybe he's a bit of an attention seeker, but I only say that because his behavior is very reminiscent of people I know that are VERY dramatic in nature. Could be wrong, but eh, probably not. However, that's beside the point. Seeing some of the community applaud him for being arrogant, cocky, rude, and hateful himself is not a step forward. In fact, it's a step backward. People go on and on about the Internet Hate Machine(which definitely is a thing), but Fish is just another contributor to it. He does the same things. By supporting that behavior, you're just feeding back into the machine, promoting more anger and ugly comments. If you really want things to get better(which they never will, because humanity), you have to hold people accountable for being a jerk, and not just give them excuses to do it more. And no, holding them accountable doesn't mean cursing and insulting them more. That doesn't change anything.

Really, that's the point of all of this. Though everyone says they want to change the way the Internet works for the better, very few are prepared to do all the work that comes with such a concept.

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I don't think it would help the games much at all. It would just turn them into bloated messes. Plus, you have to worry about the same things that you would with PC emulation, such as it going too fast, or the system being too powerful, or what have you. A lot of work, but for no actual return.

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Kojima has already said that Big Boss won't say as much in this game. He will communicate more through facial animation, which is why he wanted to get a more prominent actor like Sutherland. On top of that, there's supposed to be less cutscenes. I don't think there's anything crazy at work(though I'm not ruling out a Hayter cameo at the end), I think it's just a new style. Finally, I'm sure they're being selective as well with what they show.