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Weird, I didn't even realize they had actually started working on it. Did they release footage or anything of it?

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Well, good to know EA learned their lesson from Sim City.

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@monkeyking1969: I feel the same way. Before the movies, I thought Captain America was a crazy boring character, who I instantly skipped over any time I saw him in a video game. Now, he's my favorite one of the crew. While Thor wasn't as big a turn around, I also hated Thor before the movies, but now he's completely fine. Honestly, I've enjoyed all the heroes, which is far more than I can say for pre-MCU. I think people don't acknowledge just how impressive the whole insanity is often enough.

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@nightriff: This is going to seem random, but the main one is probably Resident Evil Outbreak. It's essentially vignettes of the whole incident from beginning to end. It actually shows the initial outbreak first hand. However, the story isn't super strong in it. Just kind of is what it is. And though many HATE it, Operation Raccoon City actually has some pretty interesting stuff in it. The first level is the assault on Birkin's lab with Hunk to get the G Virus, and it goes from there. Between the Umbrella characters and the Spec Ops characters you play as, you actually get to see a lot of the early stuff. However, the story in that wraps up a little after RE2, before the city goes to crap.

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Yeah, the Raccoon City stuff is always fun. Good to see you're chugging along. Oh, Code Veronica...that game is very ambitious compared to everything else you've played so far, but MAN it does some weird stuff. Really curious to see your thoughts on it. Also, brace yourself; it is far and away longer than all of the other ones you've played so far. Outside of RE4 and RE6, it's the longest game in the series.

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@bradbrains: KOTOR and KOTOR2 are great. It's what popularized(though not originated) all of the choices you see in Bioware games/many other games nowadays. The Light/Dark meter and all that.

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I prefer watching things in HD, though it doesn't have to be 1080p or anything. I'm fine with 720p. A lot of times when it comes to Giant Bomb though, due to Internet connection, I usually just watch it in high quality SD instead.

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Well, that's about the least surprising news at this point.

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Looks great. I definitely could see an argument for DMC4 being my favorite of the old games(DmC is my favorite of the series overall), so I'm quite excited for this.