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In regards to Metal Gear Scanlon, MGS3 will probably take a bit. It's a pretty long game, and it has a lot of systems. It can also be kind of tough, at least if you aren't great with the base mechanics(though Drew is steadily improving). However, I think Drew will really like MGS3 and the atmosphere/story, so I bet he pushes pretty hard with it. On the flip side, I don't think MGS4 will be a big deal. It's way more cutscene focused, it's really entertaining, not nearly as difficult, and it's the best playing of the games up to that point. Much more in line with Western shooters. I think Drew will shoot through that with ease. As a side note, I think MGS4 is my most anticipated play through. It's still my favorite of the series thus far, and I'm curious to see how Drew reacts to the big conclusion of the Solid Snake arc.

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I think I would literally crap myself out of a delirious high if it came out on Feb. 24th.

It will not come out on Feb. 24th.

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That seems really cool, unless they rush that out the door like they did with the MCC. Hopefully it works out, though. I like the idea of eventually plugging ODST and Reach into the MCC, instead of making a separate collection.

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Cool. While yes, the game certainly isn't that great looking graphically(definitely feels budget), I actually think the dialogue sounded pretty great. A nice step up from Revelations, more in line with the more naturalistic dialogue from RE5/RE6. Also, it was nice to see a reference to Revelations and RE5 right off the bat, since I wasn't sure if it was even going to acknowledge the first Revelations. Curious to see how this will tie into the series as a whole.

And I thought new Claire sounded fine. Didn't sound completely different, and seemed appropriate for the character.

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As a guy who owns that game and enjoys it a lot, I absolutely do not agree with that decision.

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Uh...is Telltale going to be okay? They seem to be kind of pushing it lately. Or maybe a LOT pushing it. I feel like they aren't a big enough studio to be cranking out this much stuff, and I wonder if all of their games will end up suffering because of this type of output.

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I wasn't planning on watching it, but I think it's crazy that this has happened.

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As someone who thinks that Hatred looks putrid, I think this is kinda messed up. There's a lot of games with morally objectionable content, so to randomly draw the line here when it comes to discussion feels more like they are trying to tap into a zeitgeist.

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Ooh, just thought of another pretty obvious one; Destiny. Some great graphics and art design. Some really god-awful game design.