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Huh, that's incredibly disturbing.

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That...actually seems like a really rational decision. Maybe Square is finally learning?

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I think its hinting that Pliskin infiltrated the Big Shell from the water (since they are sea lice). The colonel explains a bit about them if you call him while looking at the bugs.

Yep, that's pretty much it. Always thought that it was a pretty neat hint.

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Any time I look at the white version, I feel like a hole begins to burn in my retinas. Black all the way.

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For some reason, I always feel like Ninja Theory gets singled out for criticism way more than they deserve. It's sad, as they have actually made three pretty distinct games so far, all with well told stories, all with increasingly solid gameplay, and with two of them as completely original IPs. They do good work, and they have some really creative people over there. I feel like they deserve more credit than they get. Kung Fu Chaos was also a pretty great party game. Heavenly Sword was decent gameplay with a surprisingly strong story, Enslaved was a fun character action/platformer with another cool story, and DmC was just a fantastic game all around. That's coming from someone who's a huge fan of the series and has played the other Devil May Cry games multiple times. I've played plenty of more complicated character action games, but that doesn't mean they are instantly better. There's room for both.

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Seems like he enjoys being behind the scenes, as he has apparently said. I'm perfectly happy with his well timed chime-ins during QLs and such so far. That, and Dan stating how he hears him yelling in the other room in Metal Gear Scanlon. He's always there in spirit.

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All I have to say about the entire issue is this: harassment is inexcusable. Period. On either side. Secondly, both sides are diving way too deep into the well of negativity towards each other. The longer you treat the other side like an enemy and constantly decry them, the more you fuel them to strike back. You're just perpetuating the cycle. An eye for an eye makes everyone blind and all that bull crap.

While I understand how the scale of the harassment against these various people within the industry is far more extreme than those that oppose them are experiencing, at the end of the day, anger is anger and hate is hate. You have to do something different. Characterizing those that believe differently as you as monsters is a dangerous, catastrophic way of thinking. As heinous as their actions can be, every person has a thought process, every person has motive, every person as a soul. You can never forget that it's always a real person on the other end of the computer, no matter how awful they act.

Overall, I hope all of this blows over soon, or at least people learn to let it go. I hope these absurd attacks against people end, and their careers/lives can get back on track. And I hope that those committing the attacks will somehow have a convicted conscious, and work to make a real change in their behavior, not just now, but in the future.

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@yummylee: But... "Barry.... where's Barry?" seems appropriate. Ah well at least they are actually acknowledging the characters existence, hell Claire was getting that way too since CV where they set up the Redfield Revenge Rampage that never happened.

I'm willing to put down money that a 50-something Barry will in fact appear in here; a cameo role maybe at the end, if not a supporting role, where the game switches to his perspective as he tries to save his daughter. He'll hopefully at the very least show up in whatever minigame they have, be it an improved iteration of Raid mode or Mercenaries or whatever else.

I think there's a really strong chance he'll appear, given the concept teaser. The two characters that people thought were Barry and Rebecca I guess are actually Barry and Moira. You can tell it's her because she's wearing the same type of clothes as in the picture, and that dude looks just like Barry. Has the pants tucked into the boots and everything.

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That all sounds great. Can't wait to get an actual trailer and everything. Also, I know it's probably a long shot, but I really wish they would say where Jill was post-RE5. That was one of the few things that I was bummed about in RE6, with the heavy presence of Chris and all.

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I hate it. Especially that dumb turtleneck. SCREW TURTLENECKS.