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I didn't have a lot of hope in this movie. That teaser did absolutely nothing to change that.

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Thought it was incredible, and a perfect ending for Brian. Surprisingly elegant and touching. That final shot...so good.

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I think Episode III was the only movie that I actually legit liked. I think the trailer for VII looks boring as crap. Probably won't even end up watching it.

I do really like The Force Unleashed and the Knights of the Old Republic games though.

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You know, something tells me that Jeff is going to win this one.

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It seems Jeff most enjoys doing random things when he feels like it. Instead of something like, "Load my Last Souls: Bloodborne", I think he would be well suited for something more general, like "Hey, Watch Jeff Play Whatever", something that allows spontaneity like his Mixlr.

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I think DC has no idea what they're doing so far(The Dark Knight Trilogy is okay though), but I love the Marvel movies. The MCU is one of my top two movie series as of now, and I love all the TV stuff that has popped up with it. That being said, I didn't enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man movies, or most of the X-Men movies(though The Wolverine was pretty dope). Fantastic Four looks kind of dumb. However, I think the MCU stuff is still fantastic, and I like the sounds of the stuff they're about to dip into.

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Yeah, I think that totally looks fine.

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I'm kind of amazed everyone still thinks there is a big conspiracy about the fact that Big Boss doesn't talk a lot. Kojima has stated multiple times, even within video interviews, that he wanted BB to be far more silent this time, instead expressing with his face his emotions far more. This is why they invested so much into facial capture, and also ties into Kojima wanting this to have significantly less cutscenes/dialogue than the other games, so that it is much more for a punctual, gameplay driven experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still wouldn't be surprised if Hayter is in a post-credits scene as Snake though.

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Always love seeing these, duder. Whenever a new one comes out, I watch it ASAP.

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@matatat said:

How does Portable Ops figure into the timeline at all? Does it matter to anything in the story? I always seem to get confused between Peacewalker and PO.

Also was Portable Ops the one that had like comic book cutscenes? Not sure if I tried playing that or if it was Peacewalker. But whatever it was I thought it was really boring.

Portable Ops takes place in 1970, 6 years after Snake Eater, and shows how the Patriots get the other half of the Legacy(mentioned in the timeline before the Snake Eater end credits), and basically shows the formation of Foxhound. It pushes Big Boss closer to mercenary stuff, setting him up for where he is Peace Walker, which takes place in 1974. PO and PW both have comic style cutscenes. Peace Walker is much higher quality in both gameplay and story, but Portable Ops has its moments.