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Christian. In terms of denomination, I go more for Southern Baptist. It's a very important part of my life, if not the most important.

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Too Human, Gears of War: Judgment and Destiny immediately popped into mind, ESPECIALLY Too Human. There's probably more that I'm forgetting, though.

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If there is no campaign, I am completely out. Same with Stars Wars: Battlefront. I hate MP-only games, they just feel so shallow.

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Honestly, most of Konami's series probably don't have much of a bright future at the rate things are going. I can barely even imagine anything like Metal Gear Rising 2 happening at this point, as their focus just isn't there anymore.

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Capcom has been straight up killing it with these remastered releases. Every single one has been top notch, and this is no different. It's the ideal version of the game, and makes it probably the second best of the series(with DmC still taking the title for me).

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@nightriff: Yeah, the Chronicles games have local co-op. Just throws another reticule on the screen.

CVX is totally okay. While it has some really stupid stuff in it, the dumb story bits are actually dumb enough to be really entertaining. Plus, I genuinely enjoy all of the Wesker scenes that CVX added. Another new scene for CVX was Wesker fighting Alexia in the mansion. Before, she shot fire at him and he scrambled out of the mansion. All in all, his CVX presentation is much more consistent with his RE5 persona, as well as the rest of the series starting with the REmake.

Gameplay-wise, it has some serious flaws, but it is what it is.

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Cool beans, just looks like big Peacewalker which should be pretty good. Miller seems a little less humorous this time which is an issue though. It's been a decade, he could have gotten his sense of humor back, though it's probably just buried somewhere. Damnit, man overboard!

According to the trailers, he lost his arm, leg, and eyes. I can understand why he's a little mad.

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I have to go with Sony. Just the sheer brazenness of some of the stuff they went for. Also, they just had some of the most stuff I want to play. Uncharted and Horizon interest me far more than Microsoft's stuff. I thought Bethesda's was paced very well, but I couldn't give less of a crap about their games.

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This looks absolutely mind-blowing. Wow.