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@theht: just heard from an admin that it is a glitch! yay im not retarded. of course i'd find the glitch.......

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@theht: i know where that shiz is obviously i already tried to do that. i keep getting an error saying that i haven't selected the proper wiki page, even though i did. but ty!

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haha you can see my blond hair so obviously in the video..... i'm so bummed out i wont be there this weekend *CRIES FOREVER* see you guys in boston next year................ have a good show!!! don't get sick!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay finally!

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@thebunnyhunter said:

Id love to see a remake of The Legend of Dragoon, there is a lot of good ideas in that game and al lot of bad executions and i think a remake would benefit it immensely

YES!! This is the correct answer!!!! It needs to be remade or sequeled already!!!!

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Mass Effect.

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It's so gross!!!!!

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The first movie is amazing. Paul WS Anderson is one of my favorite directors of all time, with such other classics as Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon & Soldier - all some of my top favorite movies. & Milla is my favorite actress.

As a person with emotional connection only to the original two games, I have to say that I thought the first movie fit perfectly inline with the fiction created by RE1&2. When I sat my ass down in the theater to watch RE the movie for the first time, I was expecting an adaption of RE1... I was pleasantly surprised by its prequelness. I love the maps, the scenery especially, & the pacing. For a zombie movie, I find it to be of extremely high quality & I can't even name another zombie movie that I like MORE than RE except for 28 Days Later.

The second RE movie was an atrocity, not unlike the blight on history known as Mortal Kombat Annihilation. This is what happens when Anderson leaves a movie to someone else.

RE the third movie was actually pretty damn sweet - Anderson returned. The action is fun, & the landscape is GREAT!!!!! I LOVE DESERT RUIN CITIES!!! & Milla's outfit was badass! Plus, Clair! Although the girl that played Clair has a weird mouth u_u; I can't stop wondering what's wrong with it/her. Oh, & Chris. Needs more Chris. Needs more Leon. Needs more hot dudes with guns in general... My favorite scene is the one where they are trying to "domesticate" the zombies, & the zombie flips the fuck out because he can't cram the plastic shape into the cube. I was the only person in the theater laughing my ass off :( cuz I'm awesome.

The last movie... I think I need to watch it again. It definitely gave me some WTF moments. I'll get back to you on that one.