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Plan 9 From Outer Space.  I don't know if that counts since it was so bad, it was good.
Second choice would be the first Twilight movie.  It was just bad.

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Congrats on "selling out" your game.  I'm getting the bandwidth exceeded message too.  Is there anyway you can put it back up?  It sounds awesome from all the comments on here.

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Duck Tales
Batman (the one in the late 80's/early 90's)

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Leigh was terrible and irritating.  They need someone like Carrie Gouskos.  She was the best female podcaster, even better than some of the regular guys, imo. 

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No dedicated sound card.  Just onboard sound from a gigabyte ep45-ud3r motherboard.

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Is it possible to enable the front and back panel audio ports to use them at the same time?  Both of them work fine when the other is not enabled.  I have my speakers plugged in the back and my headphones plugged in the front.  I don't want to keep having to go into the control panel to disable the other one when I want to switch between speakers and headphones.

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Team Fortress 2.  I know it's on other platforms, but it's just so much better on pc with the constant updates (new weapons, maps, other content), community mods/maps, and dedicated servers.  I got it on release day years ago and still play it regularly.

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Sniper Elite from the Steam sale for $2.
I'm tempted to buy XIII just because Duchovny does the voice work in it.

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Amazon, Steam, and Best Buy when there's a good sale or deal.  I've only shopped at Game Stop once and that was years ago.  Their PC selection is beyond abysmal.

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@Rhaknar said:
" funny tidbit, im re-watching xfiles season 2, and just saw the church of anti-meat eaters episode last night...and now i see this topic >_> "
I don't get how anyone can not like the X-Files.  Such an awesome show.