My Entertainment filled bedroom

So i felt like making a list of the contents of my room, since its still somewhat of a liberation having a real job and being able to actually just walk into a store and buy anything gaming related i want, ive built up most of whats below over the span of 2 years for the combined cost of around 3500 Euros. I feel that with the addition of gaming peripherals for my PC and finally making the investment for a subwoover for my entertainment system that my room has just about anything i could desire from it. Perhaps in a month i'l add a 2nd monitor tough i see no reason for it at this point.

Strangely enough now that i finally have all the entertainment goodness i could only dream off as a kid my gaming interest has taken to a all time low often times only playing something after purchase for anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours never to touch it again. Guess that is what they call irony?

MonitorDell Ultrasharp U2312HM
See belowGaming Rig
MouseCorsair Vengeance M90
KeyboardSteelseries Shift
XXL MousepadRazer Goliathus Extended Speed Edition
TVSamsung UE46D6530
ReceiverOnkyo TX-SR309 Zwart
5.0 SurroundJamo S 426 HCS3 5.0
0.1 SubwooverJamo Sub 210
ConsoleSony PlayStation 3 60GB
HandheldSony PlayStation Vita WiFi
PeripheralsSony Wireless Dualshock 3 (x3)
PeripheralsSony Move (x3)
CPUIntel Core i5 3570K
CPU CoolerScythe Mugen 3 PC Games Hardware Edition
Memory8GB Corsair Vengeance CML8GX3M2A1600C9 Low Profile
SSD256GB Samsung 830 series
HDD2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14
GPUGigabyte Radeon HD7950 WindForce 3
CasingFractal Design Define R4
Power suppyXFX ProSeries 750W XXX Edition
DVD burnerLG GH24NS90

The new Indie humble bundle tastes like christmas.

Just a heads up for a pretty amazing deal i am sure alot of you wont be able to pass up on.

For a fee of your personal choosing you receive:

  • Direct downloads of all the games included in the bundle (DRM free)
  • Steam codes for all the games included in the bundle.
  • Additional code for Gratuitous Space Battles to unlock its multilayer component (better back this one up)

Personally just having SMB and Cave story on there already won me over, what games can you think of to make the next bundle this awesome? Anyone plan on playing scrooge and opting in for 1$?


A friendly reminder: Section 8: Prejudice PSN release today!

Its already available on the US PSN Store and Europe will be coming up this afternoon (16:30 for the dutch folk)
The PS3 version took so long to arrive i had almost forgot how much i was looking forward to this game, 
As a way to soften the long wait we get two maps extra and a additional game mode for the price of free.
 Playstation+ users will also get the original section 8 included in their package and a free exclusive skin for the first 1000 buyers 
Free spawn, spawn anywhere on the map you want 
Multiple ammo types to customize your weapons
huge array of modules to specialization your character, wanna jump higher? run faster? fire more accurate? heal faster? etc well you cant have them all so prepare to spend hours fine tuning your equipment load outs. 
Earn credits from kills to freely spawn vehicles anywhere on the map (tanks, bikes, mechs!)
Earn credits from kills to freely spawn deployables like defensive turrets, radar dishes to expose enemies and supplys to heal and restock your team mates 
Jet packs! 
32 Player multiplayer! (suck on that BF3)

This all and more for the cheap cheap price of 15 bucks
The downside well its a budget game, you get awesome unique features like the deployable system and character customization that completely alter your gameplay  but at the end of the day it just wont feel as refined as a CoD or battlefield. I have spend 60+ hours in the original section 8 and i can tell you that the game will feel arcade-y with its re-genning shields and jet packs. The constantly changing battle environment (due to the deploy-able system) and you can never be sure what opponent you're fighting with the div-rent ammo types and character setups that this game demands a high grade of adaptability and opportunism if you wish to be successful.

I'm sorry you missed this! (PS1 ver.)

 Atamosk productions brings you the "I'm sorry you missed this!" series personal bias brings me to the greatest console ever... ahem the PS1 to start it off. Next in line will be the PS2 after wich we'l be visiting some often overlooked retro goldies

Threads of Fate
A quirky action RPG wich takes its name from the two main characters. Upon starting the game you get to choose one of two characters. The humorous and quirky scenario of Princess mint who gets exiled by her own sister as she journeys to reclaim her throne and world domination! or you can choose to start the game as Rue a young man without any memories who fights to save the life of the woman who trusted and cared for him. Both characters have completely diverent play**** where mint is your powerful hack and slash character Rue instead relies on his power to take on the forms and abilitys of all the wildlife monsters you meet making for cool platforming puzzles and versatile combat.
As you play the game with one char you have various run-ins with the counterpart, both characters have theyr own mission and it adds a extra layer of dimension being able to replay the game for a behind the scenes look. you find out new sides of the citizens not shown in one story and both senarios seem to connect as two sides of the same coin.

Fear Effect
Metal gear solid on steroids!
Luckily i had my flameshield prepared beforehand. the game is a 3d person stealth action game using fixed camera angles resident evil **** clever puzzles, action packed shootouts, engaging characters and TONS of special events/movies make for one exciting ride. Instead of the war propaganda machine of MGS you instead take part in a wild goose chase to uncover a evil organisation spanning over multiple characters. Im a sucker for these character swaps

Parasite Eve
If you have a playstation lying around and ever have the chance GET THIS GAME! The game is a action RPG from squaresoft whose mainstay franchise at the time were the finalfantasy games. The gameplay is entertaining with a mix of action and turnbased rpg combat, you are free to run around dodging attacks while you wait for the action bar to fill up. your choises are limited to shooting, recovery items and support abilitys in the form of minor magic.

The story and cinematics are mind bogglingly good. the game is setup in 5 chapters each a single day consecutive to the last. the way the game drags you through all the drama and horrifying events in a realistic well founded manner cant help but grab you. This is NOT a teen-gets-chosen-to-save-the-world affair, You are a regular female cop in her late 20's that gets has to pull every ounce of courage her body can muster to survive the ensuing madness

Dino Crisis 2
Forget everything you know about the original dino crisis, for this sequal capcom went for a radical new approach and its a balls to the wall battle of survival rendered in beautiful 3d fixed cam perspective. This is what happens when when you try and crossbreed teh likes of resident evil with painkiller/serious sam the entire game is one big chase with only time to take breathers in the various save rooms. enemys are as varied as they can get when limited to dinosaurs and the two characters being Regina and dylan each have theyr own personal weapon arsenal. where dylan goes for oversized caliber rifles and shotgun types regina shows to know her way around automatics and even gets to dualwield.
The game is a score based action shooter, for every [room] you clear you get to earn bonuspoints for not getting hit and for how mig your combo is. the game uses 2 seperate recovery items one for health and one to stop bleeding ontop of that you can also carry with you a resurection pack inventory space for non-key items is limited and so is your ammo capacity (in the beginning)
save point are usually also equiped with a shop allowing you to to buy new recovery items (wich can also be found in the enviroment), ammo, weapons and various upgrades

Mindless slaughter has never been so much fun and good looking on a console, the game still throws its fair chare of puzzles your way but these only serve as a excuse to go out and kill some more. Play time with both characters is divided evenly and both arsenals are diverse and enjoyable

Tales of eternia
A go happy go lucky rpg. a colorful world with light hearted characters a very casual and snappy rpg with ocasional minigames and plethora of trinkets to find in the world's dungeons for cool character effects without ever being totally gear dependent. The combat system is a tad unique in that it plays out as a 2D beat em up. All 4 team members and whatever amount of enemys (usually 4+) gbrawl it out in chibi form, its very buttonbashy but some tactic is involved as you want your melees to defend the casters who have theyr spells interupted when hit and have a finite amount of MP. The great plethora of special moves and unlockables provides that the combat never gets stale. You can also freely swap control of any of the party members each with theyr completely unique play****br />@ Also available on the region free PSP

Pandemonium 2
A 2,5D platformer. you take control of one of 2 characters, can freely swap inbetween levels One is agile with the ability to doublejump while the other has a boomerang ****offensive ability. Plenty of collectibles, imaginative world with alot of unique boss battles make this platformer genuinely fun.

 Brave fencer musashi
 A summoning ritual in hope to ressurect a legendary hero to save the kingdom gives birth to a unlikely hero. this game is plain gold, a hilarious cast of vilains, tons of quirky minigames, ace platforming and ninjas!  sadly this is yet another one of those games that never reached PAL teritory. 

Games worthy of anyones PS1 library that already enjoy a wealth of attention: finalfantasy series, spyro:year of the dragon, crash team racing, klonoa door to phantomile, resident evil series, dino crisis, crash bandicoot 3: warped