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I picked one up. Got the deluxe so it came with Nintendoland... But I also picked up New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU the latter of which is simply awesome.. I've also downloaded Little Inferno which appeals to the inner pyro in me... that game is kinda dark just saying.

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no problems with mine. it works just fine so far.

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Ok so first let me start by saying I never really got into any of the previous Splinter Cell games. That said I can't pinpoint why exactly I picked up the latest game but I do have to admit I kind of like it. The game just feels streamlined to me. I'm not going to review the game because Jeff already did a fine job on that but still I think it needs to be said that even if you haven't liked the previous Splinter Cell games you may want to try this one. 
Yeah I think I just realized I don't have too much to else to say.

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@jukezypoo: totally agree with that it IS a little too cluttered it's different enough that it'll take me awhile to get used to it but I didn't really need a site that looks like my ipods app screen
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I would love the demo now I would also like the 
 Version please

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I would like one.
I DO own a PS3.
I Do Live in Canada.
I think this story was awesome.
That counts as a comment. 
So yay hopefully i win one. 
BTW you guys were awesome @ PAX09 hope to see you again next year

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Cool I could use a download code

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A code would be excellent. I love the Sam & max games.

If you go to PAX 09 I'll give your the 2 cents in person

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ok I got a couple

Klonoa is here
Black and White big floppy ears
Play now on the Wii

From Playstation one
Platformers  are still  fun here
Klonoa is back