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About the time the second bell tower gargoyle jumps down and started roasting me. Of course I eventually figured out how to kill them and now feel like I could beat them pretty easily. But that first time I was just sitting there staring at the screen thinking how the hell do I fight two of these bastards.

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@Immuniity: Thanks for that info! I had no idea about the scaling deal with weapons.

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@BossKong: I would recommened checking out Bungie.net if your interested in this game.  They release new info every Friday and would have calmed your worries a long time ago.
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Every new big release gets a few of these posts.  It sucks that your 360 broke but it has nothing to do with MW2 other then it was the game in the system when it failed.  It could have just as easily been My Little Pony Super Adventure.  Call up Xbox support and they will take care of you.  I think by now they have gotten very proficient at handling the dreaded RED RINGS.
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I love all the complaints about camping.  Your playing a war game with almost realistic gun damage.  If your plan of attack is running out into the open you are going to die...a lot!  I love the MP in this game.  Probably some of the best action in any game out right now.
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@Geno said:
"Duh. I've never seen more people this excited over what is essentially a new campaign, multiplayer patch and mappack.  "

I have to believe that you hardly played any of the first MW beacuse this game improves upon everything from the first.  I think the hype is well deserved for this game when judged on the whole package of single player, spec-ops and multiplayer
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I think regardless if it makes sense in the game, like in Call of Duty, it makes the game play better.  It moves things along so your never stuck in an area with no health or spending time searching for a little health pack.  However, in games like Devil May Cry a health bar is required.
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Every new shooter gets complaints about this crap.  Would some of you be happier if the game was just an open field with everyone using a handgun.  I haven't even played this game yet but I am willing to bet that if you plan on just running around in this game with a rocket launcher you are going to get killed a lot!

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I haven't played MW in months and was able to jump right back into the mix.  Every single online game will always have the completely hardcore that learn every inch of the game.  It seems to not be as bad when a game is popular like Halo of MW where you still get a large mix of player skills in the game.  I would recommend playing the single player first to get used to the controls and gameplay.  Then jump into the online when your ready. 
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I'm playing as Roland and I have found the same thing with finding way more snipers and pistols.  When I find a good combat rifle I end up using it for a long time until I find something to replace it with.  I still am loving this game.  I rented it a week ago and have just kept it past the due date so I can finish the story.  I may try some co-op before I take it back but single player has been really fun for me.
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