Really? An oversight?

Just check THIS out and tell me something isn't right...

Take-Two said it was an oversight, and the lady giving the interview goes with the great "Uhh..I wasn't there when it happened" excuse, but still...

I know that people get tired of me being a constant advocate for racial equality in video games, but still, if someone doesn't bring these issues to light, then people will continue to think its ok, much like a group of people probably thought it was at Take-Two to release this game without different races available for play.

Am I being nit-picky? Maybe a little, but if I'm not nit-picky, noone else will be. This is why I always believed N'gai Croal with his accusations of the employment at Capcom when "THAT trailer" for Resident Evil 5 came out.

What do you all think? Is the fact that there is no option to select skin color in a family friendly game a problem? Or should everyone just look the same, even if the family who purchased the game looks nothing like them?  Or am I just a nit-picky black guy? (that's a trick question for those who  really thought about picking that one!)