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Such a turn of events--from jubilation of a wedding to the sorrow of death. At least I think he passed away at a point in his life where he accomplished what he set out to do. May he rest in peace.

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R.I.P. Totally senseless death.

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@august said:

@Quintessence said:

I honestly wonder how this tumult would be if it was a male body.

This whole "if it were a male body" thing that about half the audience seems to be jumping to is headache inducing.

The male equivalent would never be produced, because no company would think that there is money to be made producing a sexually idealized mangled fucking corpse of a man to women. Or men.

However, the chucklefucks at Deep Silver seem(ed) to think there was bank to be made in the other direction, which should be insulting to anyone with a pulse.

Whether the actual production of something is plausible or not is irrelevant. The question is whether reproducing the body in this way is in itself sexist. I do not think the production is, but, as you said, Deep Silver's intentions may very well have been because it is a more bankable proposition.

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This is one of those articles that is pure click-bait. (I know, I clicked it just to see if there would be anything of value--there is not). Of course the responses are what one would expect. There is no need to announce the obvious. In addition, a sample size of eight is hardly satisfactory to make any conclusions about. I suppose I could find eight women with contrary opinions and write an article about that. And why were no men asked? Cannot men find things sexist as well, even if it is about women? One must consider if Patrick only asking women is in some way sexist journalism.

I honestly wonder how this tumult would be if it was a male body. Would the outrage still be over sexism, or would it be how stupid the statue is in the first place? Just because something uniquely feminine (large breasts) is displayed does not automatically make it sexist. I think a lot has to do with intent, although how that can be definitively proved is beyond me.

Overall, I am just tired of the double standard that Patrick seems to constantly ignore. Yes, there is inequality in the world, in Western society when it comes to gender, among many other things. Yet society can never move on if every little thing is scrutinized and put under a microscope. Maybe the bust is sexist, maybe it is not--I am not sure there is a "correct" answer; however, I think there are far bigger things in life that should be examined than a dumb collector's edition's add-in.

Stop with the click-bait!

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I would also like to see a QL as I am on the fence about this game.

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Giant Bomb.

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This is fantastic! lol.

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When will the train return?!

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I like to make sure I get all the dialogue in a game.  Sometimes a stray explosion or low recorded volume will make it quite difficult to discern what is actually said, so I avoid that by putting on the subtitles.

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