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I bought The Mountain before I read about it on the internet and I regret nothing! It has no point, but that's refreshing, for me in this specific point in time and space. A dollar well spent if you ask me.

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I also have a lonh HDMI cable just wired from my PC. It's the best - for GB and much more other stuff, I higly recommend it.

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Ok then, thanks!

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I have been hearing this game is open world, is that actually true? Is it one open space where the whole game takes place? Or do people mean the individual missions take place in a larger areas ala Ground Zeroes where you can take multiple paths to reach your objectives?

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@seppli: thanks, but it's terrible they let you pay for something and it just does not work!

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So I bought the season pass thing for this game, but it's not working. It says "purchased" in the store but nothing was actually downloaded and there is no button for that aviable. When selecting the content from the game itself, it wants to reditect me to the store but than it says "this content cannot be selected at this time". I'm in EU store. Rebooting the game/system did nothing at all. What else could I try?

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Yeah, looks like it's not coming in a forseeable future.

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I have been watching this topic but I allways miss the code - other users are faster ot bots just snatch it first. If anyone could send me one to my inbox, that would be greatly appriciated!

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Couple of weeks/months ago some rumors came up that the 3 games are going to be re-released for the current gen consoles. I was just about to replay all the games from the beginning that very week so I put that on hold and waited for some more info. It's after E3 and still nothing as far as I can tell, anyone has any idea if it's coming? I have no problem playing the games I already have, but if a better version is on its way (hopefully with all the DLC as I missed that, some of those were not sold in my region at all) I'd rather wait.

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@ethanielrain: I think it's impossible to know pre-release. I am sure the game is designed to keep player's attention and just comparing numbers to other games with no knowledge how the development curve works in the actual game is pointless.