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[...]I am generally impressed by how not-awful random people online are actually. Only had a few really bad games.

Me too! Although it is often hard to tell if you are with a bad group until deeper into a mission, often the second time into a mid level mission (6-7). Things tend to work out best when at least two people have voice chat going because at least two people can work together.

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I feel like Armor is just too good to pass up for most situations[...]

I feel pretty much the same about Stratagem Priority. I can whip out multiple bombing runs with only a few seconds in between, it's also awesome for minefields and EAT-17s.

Also what is it with people not bringing at least one AT Strat on higher difficulties? I can only drop 15 bombs a mission and EAT-I7s only come in packs of two!

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I am in Australia as well, my internet connection is currently totally fucked, but when I do manage to get into a game it works fine. Once I get into a game it seems to be fine, that said I have had the most problems connecting to friends games.

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Deatth--Professor here, dispensing managed democracy from Melbourne Australia.

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...to be continued...

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Well done and well said!

... also this just reminded me to fix my membership payment details!

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@headphonehalo: An anti-GamerGate person sent a syringe of fluid to a pro-GamerGate reporter. Plenty of pro-GamerGate people have been doxxed and threatened. The extremist anti side is absolutely as bad as the extremist pro side. You just don't see it because most sites don't report it, but jump at the chance to report an anti-GamerGate person being doxxed.

Citation or it didn't happen

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Wow dude! This is amazing, what a seriously heartfelt way to honour a man who touched us all in his own special way!

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Ok, if Vinny starts appearing on Bombing the AM I might finally have a reason to listen to it regularly, a reason that overrides the fact I really have trouble listening to Alex's voice. Yep i'm an ass hole.

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My first reaction to this was, "Oh come on man! It's just a name."

and then I thought, "Oh that's right, white privilege".