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Wow dude! This is amazing, what a seriously heartfelt way to honour a man who touched us all in his own special way!

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Ok, if Vinny starts appearing on Bombing the AM I might finally have a reason to listen to it regularly, a reason that overrides the fact I really have trouble listening to Alex's voice. Yep i'm an ass hole.

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My first reaction to this was, "Oh come on man! It's just a name."

and then I thought, "Oh that's right, white privilege".

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It appears Australian Classification (formerly OFLC) also has no references to homosexuality. Which is weird because our government has taken some serious steps backwards with regards to it's social policy lately (mostly to do with "boat people" though, "the gays").

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@amafi: I wasn't aware of this to tell you the truth. I've done it now though, entirely in VB script (no longer using the batch file). If I quit steam it launches straight into Explorer anyway, besides it was fun to stuff around with.

Here is my VB script if anyone is interested

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@zirilius: Oh wow! That pretty much sums up what I hate about gaming online these days.

Also massive game publishers/developers with blinkers on about sexism, racism and sexuality in games.

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@xyzygy: No, unfortunately it's not as neat as that, it pops up a console window with the prompt. You don't have to reboot and press N if you want to access the desktop, there are a couple of ways you can get there. The easiest way is to exit steam and that will finish running the batch and then start explorer, alternatively you can Alt+Ctrl+Del and launch the task manager and go to File>Run New Task and enter "explorer.exe" in the dialog.

I think the console window will need to stay open as well otherwise the rest of the batch script won't execute.

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@xyzygy: I had already had a look at the first post of that thread to get Steam Big Picture loading as a shell. However I didn't have much of a look through the comments to tell you the truth, but at your advice, I did. There wasn't a solution to my specific problem but it did give me some ideas on what I could do.

So after about 12 hours of research and a lot of fumbling about, I wrote a batch script and used it in place of the steam executable for the shell.

Just copy and paste this script into a new .bat file and call it whatever you want.

@echo off

CHOICE /T 10 /D Y /M "Launch Steam in Big Picture mode?"




CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\"

steam -bigpicture



start explorer.exe

What the script does is ask if you want to load straight to SBP or not, after 10 seconds it loads SBP automatically. Press N to load windows normally. This isn't quite what I wanted but it does the job.

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@rowr: Thanks dude, not quite what I need.

Probably to do with the way I worded the question. What I need is to be able to choose how Windows boots at the boot menu (AKA: that thing that appears asking you to if you want to boot into safe mode when shit goes bad).

I need:

  1. The default option selected after 10 or so seconds, this option auto boots steam as a shell.
  2. Boots windows but allows me to select which account I log in with.

I know how to copy a boot config using bcdedit, but that is about it.

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@nicklott said:

I'm at 207 right now. Now, as for how many I've played, that's a whole another story. Someone needs to take my bank card away from me when the deals come around.

This, totally this!