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I have set my PC (Win 8.1) up to load steam into big picture mode as a shell, but as I use this PC for stuff other than gaming I was kind of hoping there is a way to disable the auto login during boot.

Ideally I would have two boot options, one that auto logs into the steam account and one that simply loads to the windows login screen. I have been led to believe the days of autoexec.bat and config.sys files are long gone, otherwise i'd do it that way.

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@rorie said:

...we're still a man down from this point last year.


I miss that dude so much and I never really knew him.

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There's no option for hot-chocolate enema!

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While I wouldn't call it what happens "sexist", as it fits with Lamar's character, it certainly doesn't do a lot to help with representation of women in videogames. That said, I know this is not a problem they are trying to address here but I bloody well wish they would address it. I am still kind of cheesed off that they didn't bother to include a female player character in the single player story. Personally I think that's just lazy writing.

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Rest in peace Ryan. You will be missed.

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There is also a single player "quest based" version for sale on the Nordic Games website. This version lets you take control of one character at a time and perform pre-set tasks. It also has a scoring system which seems pretty odd considering the game is pretty much entirely chance based.

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@spyder335: Tell me about it! I used to be getting roughly 23 (I was about 100M from the exchange), then I moved and get < 4 Hurry up NBN roll out!

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Error 500s all over the shop. Looks pretty nice, except I can't seem to edit wiki entries without it wigging out on me.

"whoops somtehing happened we are working on it".... Did you guys leave your "Top Men" back at the old office? ;)

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I can't believe people actually believe this crap! http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.ASP

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About fucking time!