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@xyzygy: I had already had a look at the first post of that thread to get Steam Big Picture loading as a shell. However I didn't have much of a look through the comments to tell you the truth, but at your advice, I did. There wasn't a solution to my specific problem but it did give me some ideas on what I could do.

So after about 12 hours of research and a lot of fumbling about, I wrote a batch script and used it in place of the steam executable for the shell.

Just copy and paste this script into a new .bat file and call it whatever you want.

@echo off

CHOICE /T 10 /D Y /M "Launch Steam in Big Picture mode?"




CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\"

steam -bigpicture



start explorer.exe

What the script does is ask if you want to load straight to SBP or not, after 10 seconds it loads SBP automatically. Press N to load windows normally. This isn't quite what I wanted but it does the job.

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@rowr: Thanks dude, not quite what I need.

Probably to do with the way I worded the question. What I need is to be able to choose how Windows boots at the boot menu (AKA: that thing that appears asking you to if you want to boot into safe mode when shit goes bad).

I need:

  1. The default option selected after 10 or so seconds, this option auto boots steam as a shell.
  2. Boots windows but allows me to select which account I log in with.

I know how to copy a boot config using bcdedit, but that is about it.

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@nicklott said:

I'm at 207 right now. Now, as for how many I've played, that's a whole another story. Someone needs to take my bank card away from me when the deals come around.

This, totally this!

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I have set my PC (Win 8.1) up to load steam into big picture mode as a shell, but as I use this PC for stuff other than gaming I was kind of hoping there is a way to disable the auto login during boot.

Ideally I would have two boot options, one that auto logs into the steam account and one that simply loads to the windows login screen. I have been led to believe the days of autoexec.bat and config.sys files are long gone, otherwise i'd do it that way.

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@rorie said:

...we're still a man down from this point last year.


I miss that dude so much and I never really knew him.

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There's no option for hot-chocolate enema!

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While I wouldn't call it what happens "sexist", as it fits with Lamar's character, it certainly doesn't do a lot to help with representation of women in videogames. That said, I know this is not a problem they are trying to address here but I bloody well wish they would address it. I am still kind of cheesed off that they didn't bother to include a female player character in the single player story. Personally I think that's just lazy writing.

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Rest in peace Ryan. You will be missed.

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There is also a single player "quest based" version for sale on the Nordic Games website. This version lets you take control of one character at a time and perform pre-set tasks. It also has a scoring system which seems pretty odd considering the game is pretty much entirely chance based.

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@spyder335: Tell me about it! I used to be getting roughly 23 (I was about 100M from the exchange), then I moved and get < 4 Hurry up NBN roll out!