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Error 500s all over the shop. Looks pretty nice, except I can't seem to edit wiki entries without it wigging out on me.

"whoops somtehing happened we are working on it".... Did you guys leave your "Top Men" back at the old office? ;)

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I can't believe people actually believe this crap! http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.ASP

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About fucking time!

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I just found an amazing orange Tediore shotgun. Normally I hate Tediore weapons because I keep forgetting you throw th and they explode when you r

eload and I like to reload a lot behin cover. This gun is absolutely balls out insane, if you don't fire all the rounds before reloading it will chase enemies around using up the rest of the rounds and them explode.

It dropped from Pimon and/or Tumba in the animal exploitation preserve along with another orange shield. The usefulness of which I am yet to discover.

Screen shots to come....

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Fuck, guess I'll be buying it again. :)

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@insanejedi There is wireless HDMI sure but that is a bit expensive for some people especially where I live (nearly $400).

If it's a cheaper wireless HDMI solution with it's own wireless periferals (game pad, headsets, mouse & keyboard, etc) I'd lay my bucks down for that. An all in one solution.
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@bartok: My step father is an arsehole and Portuguese but those two things have nothing to do with eachother. Also, all dogs suck ;).

@TobbRobb: Pffft, people on this site intelligent? ;)

@ThePickle: No, he is a filthy, filthy racist, he hates Italians like nobody's business and changed his surname to Caravella just so he could rag on them and get away with it... ;)


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FrIk.... Typing on my phone .....(in a good way) Does the fact I don't give a shit make me rasict, sexist, homophobic or any combo of those two? Or is not giving a shit about that shit the way to true world peace?

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Ok, I am pretty drunk right now and listenbg to two hipsters talk about movining house as I ride tram home. For some reason this made me think about how Vinny is "always" getting branded as racist on the podcast. This, in turn made me think of how I am branded as rascist for being Australian.

What I am wondering is that I say a hell of a lot of shit that could be considered racist, sexist. homophobic or any combination of the afore mentioned. I don't consider myself any of those things I pretty much don't give a shit about who you are or where you come from (in a g

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@MordeaniisChaos: I already have a 10m (~30ft) cable. Unfortunately I live in Australia and the that cable (which was the cheapest I could find) cost me $80.00 shit is expensive here. Thanks though.

@CaLe: Thanks for the info matey I'll have a look into that.