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@quististrepe: Great bump. You really nailed it. Score one for the internet, bro! High five!

Lack of reading comprehension noted. Last post was 18 hours ago, that's not really thread bumping.

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If you're look at purchasing a gaming desktop, you can get an IBuyPower brand for around $1000 or $1200 and change for a laptop with a 2GB DDR5 video card. I'd agree that now is as good as a time as any to back away from console gaming.

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And her points are more worthless than ever. What's more troubling is that I'll bet she thinks she's such an intellectual pioneer. I'll give her credit for showing up once again after most people believed she took her Kickstarter money and ran off. but she really doesn't know jack shit about anything......in life.

But since I lack the skills of a pop-culture critic, I guess I'm not allowed to pass judgement on her intellectual prowess.

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Without question ME2 is an improvement over the first game. I could never go back and play the first game. Just because the first game gives you the illusion of freedom, doesn't mean it actually counted for anything. The Mako roving was so utterly pointless as you go from place to place in buildings and structures with same environments over and over again.

The gameplay of ME2 was far better than the first game. In the first ME, where's the challenge in just being able to hang back and fire away with a sniper rifle with no need to reload ammo? Every ME game has some legit gripe.

I'm not sure I really get where the OP is coming from, but to each their own.

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The perception that Android users are cheap and don't spend money on games, and therefore don't make a game for Android your priority because it's not going to make as much money as iOS on launch.

Who's been saying that? And how is it not getting any good games? Rockstar has ported two GTA games and even Max Payne onto Android. Square Enix has put out three original games for the platform as well. Seems a bit odd to put that kind of effort in for something that isn't going to make a lot of money.

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Sounds like the old MOGA controller, I'm using it now and it works great. The battery life is unexpectedly good. To get the functionality that I wanted from it (to be used with any emulator), there's a third party driver that has to be downloaded from Google Play. I don't recall if it requires root or not, but with it installed, I'm able to use MOGA with nearly any emulator.

Though for some reason I'm unable to get it working on Retroarch. Not that it's much of an issue since I don't have much use for the Retroarch app.

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The WiiU demographic wouldn't play games like that anyway. The WiiU may be an unmitigated disaster, but I'm not sure that this is devastating news tbqh.

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No, MGS4 being a PS3 exclusive already killed Metal Gear for me. The series ended with MGS3.