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But will it be able to handle Tetris?

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I also need followers for this quest.

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We are talking about how some things from Zelda should be categorized.
Deku Scrubs are a kind of plant people from zelda that when fought as enemies spit stuff similarly to the way an Octorok does.
Deku Toad is a miniboss unrelated to either the Deku Scrub people or the flytrap-like Baba plants and should probably be listed in either the toad or frog concepts.
Deku flowers are a type of object.
Deku Babas, Baba Serpents, Boko Babas, and other Baba plants from Zelda are all venus flytrap-like enemies and are nothing like Deku Scubs and should instead have a concept called somthing along the lines of "Baba" or "Baba Plant" or something.

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If a game only appears in a compilation what gets a page? The game or the compilation?