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@oysteinBrenne: No I loved those other games, don't get me wrong.  But there was just something about Castlevania that got to me.  And yes I read the review, I love Fist of the North Star, read the entire manga ages ago but I trust other reviewers after seeing how that guy reviews others...
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@oysteinBrenne said:
" i think his trolling   Castlevania Lords of Shadow, a game that I hold to be my GotY     lol so many fucking amazing game out this year and your goty is a mediocre god of war ripoff   like how many games did you buy this year  2? "
Alan Wake 
Yeah I have bought a fair share of games this year...and more than just blockbusters.
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After years of being competitive it was time to move on to bigger, better, things (School :(   )

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Interesting, I tried to compare my games with his list but he is apparently paranoid about his credibility being found out and changed his settings to private. 
Developers actually do care about the numbers, and these low scores actually effect the employees. 
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@SpikeSpiegel: Apparently after seeing the comment section of LoS.
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So I was recently going through looking at the reviews for Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage on Metacritic to see how badly it scored, and when looking there I saw a website named Destructoid and it gave an 8.5: 
I was bemused due to GT giving it a 4.4 and contradicted everything in that review, yet after a few quick searches I saw a review for Castlevania Lords of Shadow, a game that I hold to be my GotY personally.  It received a 5.0:   

Can someone please tell me how someone can give LoS a 5.0 and then give an 8.5 to Ken's Rage?  I find this utterly absurd.........

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I think Yahtzee hasn't been funny for a year about also....it is really disappointing as he used to always make me laugh...but now he is garbage.

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Okay, I knew it was best to wait a little bit to actually look at this thread....really was tempted to read since I thought I was far enough in the game but seriously dude, mention that it's the ending at least...I didn't click it but thats because I am paranoid. 
ANYWAYS - The last chapter was awesome when they introduced Satan.  My friend spoiled the part where Zobek was the last LoS and Gabriel would become Dracula (which I didn't believe) so Satan's intro was something awesome.  However, once I saw Zobek at the epilogue jump out of that cloak and saw a suit I immediately though "no...way...." and once Gabriel made it through the cathedral glass and saw Metropolis, my eyes widened and then screamed "NO FUCKING WAY!". 
Thank you MercuryStream, for giving me hope that there will be hope in this new reboot.  You really made the GotY for me, hope that you get the support/following you rightso deserve.

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So I wwas thinking of getting this before it came out but ended up with Lords of Shadow which I love. However, Enslaved still has my eye...problem is that it seems like it isn't doing so well with it being deal of the day this soon after it's release....and the inactive forum makes me think it will be/is a commercial flop... 
Any thoughts?

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I am midway throw chapter 6 and it is awesome, best game of the year for me personally.  The graphics are awesome, and I honestly don't remember once there being laggy framerate issues, but some places that are small and condensed are much more closer to 60fps than the usual 30fps. 
Thing that got me was that there are two glitches I came around accidentally...there are glitches but not many, but what makes it awesome is that when you are getting fed up, just restart to the last checkpoint. 
GOD I just put down the controller but I want to get back at it...the story is a little predictable but there are strong attachments to characters for me.  When something good or bad happens to them you feel them...but since its Castlevania its usually bad :(.  The trailers spoiled too much...so I already know some of the big plot twists already...but I still get shocked in some places. 
This is literally my favorite game I can remember playing in a long time...sad thing is that people are taking the similar gameplay to other games for what it really is, fun.  If those games like GoW/SotC were epic and fun they will love this, but noooooooooooo we won't give it a try because it isn't canon shit.

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