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It's the most fun I've had playing an FPS on console since Halo 2.

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Ah. Well that's a bummer.

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Tried downloading the beta for my Ps3 around 8:30CST this morning and got a message telling me that my account was unable to access that content. A few minutes ago, I tried accessing the PSN Store and now it says it's under maintenance. Luckily my roomate has an Xbox, but I was still wondering if anyone else is having issues with Ps3?

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Wow, I was actually having the same discussion with a friend of mine this morning. I used to play a lot of SFII back in the SNES days. I just recently purchased SSFIV for my PS3 about a week ago. I ran through a couple arcade sessions and figured my Akuma was decent enough to at least compete admirably against people online. Boy, was I wrong. After losing much more than I was winning, I became discouraged. But, you have given me hope, anew. Cheers, friend.

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@IBurningStar said:
Isn't this considered advertisement spam? 
Considering it's his only post...I'd say yes.
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"I can go to anyone I want," McNamara told IGN when we raised the topic of studio structure. "It's my game. I can go to anyone I want in the team and say, 'I want it changed'."
To say that McNamara sounds like a completely self-centered, narcissistic a-hole would be an understatement. Sure, he may have 'fostered' the idea, but by no means does that equate to a good video game experience. There are lots of great ideas for original IP's out there. But without a group of like-minded people working towards the same goal, perpetual success isn't likely to happen. Ken Levine and Irrational Games is a great example. Levine would be the first to tell you that it's important to maintain a studio's talent and keep the working conditions favorable. 
As far as L.A. Noire goes, I think it was fine game. The technology was aesthetically  pleasing. The pacing of the story was some of the best I've seen in a video game. The investigative aspects were refreshing, at first. Though, I would rather have seen a little more variety in the progression of the cases. Unfortunately, IGN Australia's story shows what really happens beneath it all. Hopefully some of those chaps that have left Team Bondi will end up somewhere else where they might be more appreciated.
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@s10129107: I'm sorry. Stan Sitwell also had similar issues. Though, he did his darndest to fight it. 
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@natetodamax: Exactly what Lego said. I was able to upload my entire library to the service and, as long as I have access to the web (3G or wi-fi) I can listen to my tunes.
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Hm. Interesting. Family Guy stopped being funny for me a few years ago, though.

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Just got my Google Music beta invite. It's a pretty awesome service, especially if you have an android device.

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