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Recent trip interailing, found this station between Krakow and Budapest
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Some classic punk rock band, the game would be pretty insane and they'd have to transport customers from one destination to another, possibly set in San Francisco.

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@PsEG: I had the same problem, just got both games so I'm torn between the two

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Id like to join, gt is R3cruit3D

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I'm confused how you mean british accent... I can think of at least 5 or 6 that sound nothing like each other. As for the OP, I tend to make fun of the stereotypical american, rather than their accent.

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This was my 18th cake, my sister made it. It's a portal cake (you may have guessed), I asked her for a test cube of portal (I didn't want the love hearts on the companion cube) and she just ran with the idea. Also, this is my first time uploading a picture, so chance are I've failed somewhere, there's also more photos of the detail if you want to see more :)

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I went to a reggae/ska/punk festival in the Czech Republic in summer. Seeing a few more ska bands at another festival in a fortnight. Favorites have to be Operation Ivy, Have Nots, Random Hand.. The faster more punky side of ska. Though I have a special place for the likes of The Skatalites. 

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@FourWude said:
@mfpantst said:
@FourWude said:
No, he's a Raper.
That's what I said. HE'S A RAPPER!!!
He's a WRAPPER!?! 
*looks for high fives* anyone?
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I guess I'm the one that has to say it.. 
Pokémon Blue + Pokémon Red + Pokémon Yellow

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@Rhaknar said:
"does it count everytime you refresh the page? "

You know, i haven't a clue.. But i have a habit of closing GB.. then re opening it 10 minutes later out of boredum. And i imagine im not the only one.