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wish the interviewer would just let Jeff speak, he keeps changing the subject

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does this have controller support?

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Hi, i should preface this by saying that my GB sub expired over a month ago (and none of the premium content can be viewed from the GB website, however AFAIK my API key is still connected).

The GB win8 app, gives you a pop up whenever new content is posted to the site, earlier today i had a pop up for Jars Attacks! - 12/18/2012 (this is premium content), I clicked on the link, which took me into the win8 app, and played the entire video.

As grateful as i am that i got to view this (as a non subscriber), i felt i should let someone know that this is happening. Once the video had ended, i checked in the video section / subscriver, and none of the premium content was available.

So it appears that the issue lies somewhere with the popup notification.

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they've been fleecing mums and dads for years with their ridiculous prices (often 20% higher than online retailers), barely had any games outside the top ten and on occasion have seen them sell second hand games as new, feel sorry for the staff, but i wont miss them.