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hate to say this, but i've been enjoying this more than some of the GB content recently, it's a whole lot more upbeat.

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@legion_ said:

You know, I actually think it's harsh and petty to remove his game from Steam. It's so obviously just something he wrote in anger. And he wrote it on the most public place in the world. Had he written a personal e-mail like that lunatic in the Sarkeesian-case, I would understand removing the game. This however... I don't like it.


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wish i could erase Alien Resurrection from memory, barely a movie never mind an Alien franchise movie

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had no idea what they were talking about for the first half, good show otherwise.

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the only content i actively try to avoid are the wrestling podcasts, I just have absolutely no interest in it (unfortunately wrestling seems to be a far bigger thing on the site since Dan joined)

I think theirs a good dynamic with Drew and Danny, but again I have no interest in the sport

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played it a while back on Dolphin, still an absolutely fantastic game. hopefully if it sells well (which it should) it'll push Capcom in the right direction for further RE games.

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as others have mentioned, try the site through FF, IE or any alternative browser to see if the problem persists. Also check your Crome extensions for anything unwanted

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Good luck to Vinnie but this sucks, He's been carrying the site for the last year imo.

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