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The planet money and Cara Ellison articles were great. I have no idea why you would post the video about Gamersgate though. It's inaccurate and it just brings up the whole debate again when the site has already made their stance known. Seems like unnecessary antagonism.

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Once again, terror tactics win out. I'm no fan of Sarkeesian (especially after she doxxed others on twitter), but this is pretty extreme. Now that this has worked, what's to stop people from anonymously doing it everywhere she goes? Surely she's not going to just stop having talks at public places ever again.

However, the email mentions nothing about Gamersgate and the person sounds like a very disturbed r/redpill user who just hates feminists in general. There's no mention of videogames at all in the email but it's a convenient scapegoat to blame gamersgate that everyone's playing into (including you Patrick).

Furthermore, it's incredibly biased of Patrick to mention her "home address" being threatened when there's no evidence of it happening and no police report was filed last I read. Please stick to just the facts, they're bad enough in this case that the more questionable events that supposedly happened previously aren't necessary.

All in all, it's a terrible situation being twisted into anti-gamersgate rhetoric to diminish valid criticism.

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@jadegl: Explain to me how the original article Patrick linked and written by Gage is "believable, realistic, or valid." Don't get me wrong, I'm open to discussion but nothing in that article at any point made any concrete point on why the tutorial was wrong. It was a ton of loaded terms with allusions to other derided objects and faux-intellectualism with no thesis.

If you can find a thesis that isn't something puerile like "I didn't like the tutorial because kissing women and killing men shouldn't be in the same game."

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That article on the Shadows of Mordor tutorial is full of some hypersensitive nonsense. Both cases of sneaking, tutorial and regular gameplay, have the same goal of getting close to someone without being seen. You're sneaking up on your wife to surprise her with a kiss. In gameplay, you're sneaking up to enemies to surprise them with a knife in their throat. The sneaking part is what they're teaching you and they do an effective job with a believable premise in the tutorial. Click-baiting is hitting new lows every day.

Splinter Cell: Conviction and Dishonored did similar things in their tutorials. Sam with his daughter at the start and Corvo hiding from Emily. Personally I love that style of tutorial as it's much less immersion breaking and gets you more into the character.

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That Vazquez Dota 2 article was surprisingly honest. It's nice to see someone actually examine their play in a MP game without just blaming other players or the developers. I feel the same way about playing Puck (I'm like 1-10 or something ridiculous).

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Conflict of interest in Journalism = Bad, Personal Harassments because of this = Bad, the fact that this was censored and people in leadership positions largely ignored it = Bad.

The real downer of GamerGate is that almost everyone involved directly was fanning one side of the fire or the other. In the midst of all of that, the whole point got lost in a barrage of emotionalism rather than professionalism (the lack of which started this whole thing).

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You know what would be great? An article actually talking about whether journalists can write about good friends/romantic friends games without disclosing it. Or an article about how a man can get merely accused of rape and it's posted on game sites while a woman admits to it in a conversation and it's fine. Or an article about how some of the most famously antagonistic gaming communities are working together through what's been happening recently.

But I guess we'll just settle for tweets, censored forums, and vague allusions to anything that happens. If you don't want to cover it, that's perfectly at your discretion. Alluding to the situation without elaborating is taking advantage of the situation and leaving people in confusion. You could write plenty of articles that don't include specific people and completely avoid the "personal issues" but then things might actually change for the better.

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@pimblycharles: Jeff Green was on the podcast not too long ago as well as Brad Muir to replace GB's Jeff and Brad. I think it was one of the first one's Vinny hosted.

[EDIT] Found it: http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/giant-bombcast-11-12-2013/1600-671/

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@irishalwaystaken: From what I've heard from LoL friends, he's not even respected in that community either. I mean, how could you take someone who believes this seriously: http://i.imgur.com/KBFtVn8.gif

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I'd really like some discussion from the Chris Wager article. It would be particularly interesting to hear the guys discuss it on the podcast.

As for my thoughts, I think the main reason there's such a large disconnect is the compulsion of large sites to cover EVERYTHING that comes out. For example, if Jeff and Vinny actually reviewed the sports games they played on quicklooks, they would be doing the games a huge disservice. Likewise, most sites just give the review to someone who played last year's release for a week and hasn't touched it since. The "all things to all people" approach has turned reviews into meters of hype and production value because that's all reviewers can gauge before they move on to the next project.