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Any bombers still playing this game? What keeps you coming back?

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Any bombers looking for a Iron banner team? Post your GTs here.

Ozymandia5 II (Xbox One)

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Any bombers down to Raid on Xbox one? Post your GTs here.

Mine: L3th4L Qu4rK Lv. 27 Hunter

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Nothing but deepest sympathies to Anna. You could tell how much he loved everytime Ryan would discuss her on air.

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Hi Bombers, I have been out of town for the last week and upon return received this most unfortunate news. Our dear Bear of podcast host Ryan David had passed away. I'd like to take this opportunity to invite any bombers living in central PA to harrisburg to drink and mourn Ryan sometime this week. Can I get a holla if you can make it?

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Pretty good analysis, but the gameplay reasons weren't the reason why Elizabeth, who is now my favorite now playable character in any game. It her story arc. I won't go into too much of what happens but the first moments you have her beside you are some of the most genuine character reactions to their environment that even supersede games like Uncharted. Remember the part she runs of to find the music, and you find her dancing. I was just watching her dance for quite a while with a huge smile on my face, probably a little creepy, but I have never seen a video game character express how happy he/she is in a more believable and convincing manner.

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@daneian: No way! even not knowing that it was one of the best sequences in an FPS, but new respect for designers of that whole level. I will have to replay this.

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Lets start off by saying minor spoiler alert as people might mention late game weapons.

What was your best kit you rolled with during the game? I prefer a high risk high reward play style.

Hand Cannon

Sniper Rifle

Hat: Decrease reload by 30%

Vest: Killing enemies gives ammo

Boots: +25% dmg while ADS

Pants: +50% dmg on critical hits.

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@sooty: I found that to be the case in the early parts of the game, when I was going machine guns all the time. But I had to try new weapons to find the mix I like best. I just beat it on Hard with mostly the hand cannon and the sniper rifle, these can handle a turret in 3 shots and 1 shot most enemies. I like high risk high reward, and you will find a combo to your liking. Enemies being sponges is total bogus, unless you couldn't decide until more than half way through the game to start specking to a playstyle.

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