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haha well people just need to grow up and never hold a grudge against other people

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@ZeForgotten: the way you talk about him kind of scares me lol should i be worried?

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@Brendan: that is a safe assumption lol and i apologize that I didn't post the group name in the post

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As most of you all know GB has a group on Steam and one of the functions that is being underutilized is the chat room. I know people live in different time zones and have different work schedules but hey come on in and join the chat once in a while. It's nice to settle down and talk to a fellow g-bomber, to get to know one another or even shoot the shit. Or maybe use it when you need help in game or life or something. So whenever you guys or gals feel like talking come on in. The door is always open for a fellow bomber :)

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@Mr_Skeleton: couldn't have said it better myself... well played sir lol

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I'll play too I don't have class tomorrow so add dahitman420 on steam.

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haha nicely done laughed the whole time through

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I got 4 more to go I'm so close. I just need the pacifist, doctorate, and a couple of NPC specific ones. I tried for the pacifist before but didn't get it and after reading through I think it was because the two people that come out at the end and get shocked from the floor screwed it for me. Also I had a question for the pacifist, when you're on the last mission and everyone is crazy, if someone dies from a wall mine does that count against you?

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I beat the game and watched through the credits. There's a big one there so I suggest watching it. It gave me chills lol :)

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@busted1der: just bought it lol