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more market place confusion and fragmentation.... Nintendo.. why??

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I'd get this for Android development. And by this I mean the older one when it goes deep discount.

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Man, I haven't been able to listen to the Bombcast regularly like I used to but I got some spare time to listen through some Bombcasts I missed. I miss Ryan. :(

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15 things that look like your childhood!

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I was hoping I'd come back from work and realize I had some sort of nightmare this morning... but fuck. :/ I never personally knew him but I viewed him as a friend, as weird as that sounds. The Bombcast got me through a lot of shit in life and it wouldn't have been possible without him. RIP Ryan

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I don't have enough time to watch and listen to all of the premium content so it's mostly supporting the GB staff.

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Tommy Lee Jones.

Mutha fuckin' Tommy Lee Jones.

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If they build it I will come

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@goatmilk said:

Here we go again. A lesson that Microsoft never learns.

Yeah, the Zune was technically superior to the iPods at the time but it flopped, and I'm guessing the same thing will happen with this. Why? Because MS can't market for shit. They just throw money at products and will them to succeed. Plus they come into the game late. How many iPads & Android tablets are already out there? Millions. I know this has more functionality than a normal tablet etc but it still won't get anywhere near the level of success the iPad has. One reason being the terrible interface (Metro) but mainly because Apple is EVERYWHERE. The people who don't want to pay the premium for an iPad already have a brilliant open alternative in Android.

If they launched this at $200 it might have a chance, otherwise it'll just be a relatively small group of people who buy it - just like the Zune. Just like Windows phones.

The Zune's failure is because Zune appeared when the dedicated MP3 player market was waning and MP3 was already synonymous with iPod. I think Microsoft has changed since then. We're seeing a lot more convergence between their "silos" (hardware, Xbox, Windows, web) in an Apple AND a Google way. Microsoft is creating iOS and Android apps now.. we wouldn't see that from Microsoft in the Zune-era. Android has yet to have their "defacto" tablet (No, Kindle Fire doesn't count) and has very little market share. Microsoft isn't aiming for Apple, it's aiming to take out Google first.

I think the RT tablet is probably going to be iPad's price point and the Windows 8 version is going to compete with ultrabooks. This "Xbox Surface" may compete with the ~$200-250 Kindle Fire price.

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I can see this working... only if you're currently paying monthly for Xbox Live.