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I can see this working... only if you're currently paying monthly for Xbox Live.

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Don't bother with a leveling guide. The game states very clearly where you should be going next (with quest lines and level indicators for planets).

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Don't use two separate arrays (one for int, one for String). It just makes it messy and complicated. Make use of objects and use two sorting (ascending/descending) methods.

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@Marz said:

Sessler is too big for Giantbomb, he probably wants to start his own site or company... I'd assume he makes a bit more than normal journalist being a TV personality so they probably wouldn't be able to afford him.

He's a big enough personality that he can pull together the resources to do his own thing (and probably will).

I'd love to see him team up with Giantbomb/Gamespot. He has a history with a lot of these guys, they have the resources/backing, and will allow him the room for him to do his own thing.

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@crusader8463 said:

Curse whoever bumped this dam thread. I thought for a moment that they had finally uploaded the dam video and that I had some how just missed it.

Seriously :( I would have watched it live but my shift started as soon as the livestream did.

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I started watching the video and was wondering what the hell Brad was doing all the way in Tokyo....

Anyways, good for them. I haven't listened to their podcast but I will now.

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Can someone direct me towards some cool movie sites? I haven't been able to find any that don't suck.

Before Screened I used to read Slashfilm. Nostalgia Critic and Cinemassacre has some decent video content. I'm with you though. I need a replacement.

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Ughhh. This will be the 6th Kratos God of War game I will play through on the PS3....

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@DamianOgre said:

The best short story. My son took and hid my wifes pokemon yellow game when he was 3, took a few days to find it. Wife was peeved off to say the least.

wifes pokemon yellow game

You're living the dream.

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Thanks Brad!