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The best short story. My son took and hid my wifes pokemon yellow game when he was 3, took a few days to find it. Wife was peeved off to say the least.

wifes pokemon yellow game

You're living the dream.

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Thanks Brad!

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Don't do it. I think we have the same Macbook (late 2008 model?). The minimum specs are just that.. bare minimum. Expect barely playable framerates on the lowest setting.

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Sup bro? Wanna play some Gathr?

Obvious fake and sounds like an iOS/Android Farmville ripoff

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All media is going through a transitional stage. Lower budget, still high quality, independent works are becoming much more popular because the technology to make these things are within reach to anyone with an ambition to create. Music went through it with mp3s and the rise of digitally/electronically created music. Movies are going through it with the rise of affordable video equipment and editing software. Games are going through it with widely available toolkits, game engines, middleware, stores, and a gaming device in everyones hand.

I wouldn't say the transition is to better fortify gaming as an artform, it's more that developers are able to do things we weren't able to do 5 years ago at a fraction of the cost with a fraction of the staff. They're able to do this with no overhead. Allowing them to do what they want and not do what will guaranteed sell.

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The Gerstmann

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@Radar said:

...those gigantic squeezed tits are infuriating.

Not something I ever expected to hear someone say.

If it were on anything other than a anime/video game character I'd be all for it... but ugh... anime...

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That anime face and those gigantic squeezed tits are infuriating.

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  • Reeder
  • Flipboard
  • WolframAlpha
  • Dropbox (or whatever cloud storage you use. SkyDrive and Box.net have apps aswell)
  • The game platform apps (XBL, Steam, etc)
  • The Film/TV apps - Netflix, HBOGO, imdb
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@TeflonBilly: Lesnar is an absolute beast. He's thrown the biggest wrestlers onto his shoulders numerous times but him being able to throw undertaker up from one of his shoulders, over his head and onto both his shoulders.... DAMN.