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I don't think they're going to do a redesign for a while. They're barely making money off the current ones to be designing and making a new one.

I think now would be the perfect time for a "relaunch" of the 3DS. There's a great library of games now, they're adding support for a 2nd analog stick, the Vita has launched and Apple's new iPhone and iPod Touch are nearing. They can rename it so there's less emphasis on the 3D (but still have it as a selling point) and nullify any perception issues of it just being another DS with 3D.

It could be sold alongside the 3DS and at a premium price (closer to the iPod Touch/Vita price)

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Voted in by jaded consumers. There are MUCH worse companies out there doing bad things (aside from ruining media franchises).

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Microsoft and Sony have done sales on their disc based downloadable games. Not only that, but after a certain amount of time has passed they will drop the price (just like the physical version. $60 -> $20). The only thing we WON'T get is the clearing of inventory sales that retailing have to do.

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Competition between retail and digital services is paramount to the consumer.

There's currently no competition between retail and digital services... If you're looking at PC games or music then digital is in the mass majority and retail isn't competitively pricing their products.

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Not surprising at all... he was the only one posting any content to Screened since Alex left. I think Screened is going to lose a large part of it's viewership since both Matt and Alex are gone. That's like if Norm and Will left Tested after being acquired.

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The only thing I like about it is the Blue power LED and the R2 noises. Everything about it is just hideous.

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I know Coonce said he was going on a journey around the world, but I ask: did he leave Whiskey and not join CBSi, or did he join CBSi and then take a vacation...?


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XBLA or PSN games are one thing, but disc based games are another. I think the time, money, and resources they would have to put into the console wouldn't be worth it to the companies.

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I clicked on that article expecting to see a 1,000 pound women. REALLY?

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Denis Dyack.

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A transition yes, not a fall.