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My E3 list ended up being named "1" somehow. I opened the list, clicked edit, and tried to rename it, but I can't type in the name field. I've tried the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome on OSX to no avail.

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I hope this is more Burnout and less NFS.

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@Lazyaza: For some reason, it never occurred to me to read the Steam forums. Thanks for that. 
It seems like a no brainer. Most of the complaints I'm reading are, "This game is not properly optimized for PC." Throw in a pinch of, "Why is online not working on launch day?" and you have the same problems nearly every console-to-PC port has. Save $20 and run in a higher resolution! 
I adored the beta. I'll probably grab this... once I have money again.
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Does anyone know why the PC version is cheaper? This is Activision we're talking about here. They have been trying to push PC prices up to $60 with their recent releases. I can't help thinking the PC version must be feature deficient in some way for them to decide to not only avoid pushing the price up to $60 but to actually undercut the standard PC pricepoint of $50. I would totally rock the PC version if I weren't afraid of losing something over the console version.

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When I was about five, my grandfather was in the hospital. My family and I were at the hospital quite a lot as a result. After perusing the hospital gift shop, I asked my parents to buy me an issue of GamePro. That was GamePro issue two. Ever since then, I have been hooked. From there, I started getting several magazines regularly: GamePro, EGM, Game Players, Diehard GameFan, Next Generation, and others I'm probably forgetting. Then came the Internet...

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@ahoodedfigure: Mass Effect 2 is pretty linear. I'm not too concerned about that aspect of the DLC. I just want a good chunk of content--give me five hours--that I can still play having beaten the game. Charge me $10-15. That would be perfect for me. 
@Gamer_152: You're right. This is probably all on EA.
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@Teirdome: I haven't played the DA:O expansion, but I bought the first DLC. It was cheap, but I was done with it in less than an hour. This is the same reason I don't really purchase comic books. It's not really even worth the trouble to buy the thing for that little content. 
@Claude: I can certainly understand. I have usually had enough by the time I go through once, but there is that rare game I just can't get enough of.
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Not every DLC pack for Fallout 3 and Borderlands was stellar. Fallout 3's packs were all solid with some being better than others. Borderlands mis-stepped with Mad Moxie, but the others were good. (Note: I have not played the last pack because it corrupted my character. However, it was critically well-received.) Anyway, those packs were each content rich and added to the existing story. BioWare is taking a different approach with DLC for their most recent releases. This DLC is typically very small and fits into the story already in place rather than adding content to the end. It may seem to you these are two equally valid approaches. I am here to tell you that you are wrong.

The amount of content in these packs is not entirely unreasonable... in a vacuum. Unfortunately, the DLC space, while young, is not brand new. This puts Mass Effect's paltry DLC efforts into the same marketplace as those of Fallout 3 and Borderlands. I'm sure Mass Effect 2's DLC is fantastic just as was the rest of that game, but, for most of us gamers, it is difficult to ignore the value we are getting for our dollar. Fallout 3's shortest DLC addons were about five hours long at $10. Mass Effect 2's hour-long Kasumi loyalty mission costs gamers $7. The math is easy; you'll pay $2/hour for Fallout 3 DLC versus $7/hour for Mass Effect 2 DLC.

That fact is I really loved Mass Effect 2--perhaps even more than Fallout 3. I would have paid $7 for more of that even though it was criminally short if not for one fact. I, like many of my fellow Mass Effect 2 fanatics, had already completed the campaign by the time of the addon's release. The addon, unlike Fallout 3 addons, inserted content into the middle of the game. For the completionists in the audience, this is not a problem. They will gladly fire up a new campaign and play it just to get to the DLC. I'm more of a tourist; I typically go through the game, experience what it has to offer, and reflect on the experience never to go back. I certainly don't want to replay a bunch of content just to get to the new stuff I have paid for. I relished the Fallout 3 content because it was all free-standing. It didn't depend on the player's position in the campaign. This makes it appeal to many more types of players, myself included.

Will BioWare learn and correct the errors of their ways? Most likely not. If this DLC sells reasonably well, they will have succeeded in selling a smaller chunk of content to players than what Bethesda and Gearbox have provided for their players at a nearly comparable price. This will provide them positive reinforcement and all the incentive they need to keep cranking out tiny packs and overcharging us for them. My only solace is in knowing they won't fool me into buying them.
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@Sin4profit: I have to admit that I love me some overkill. I would love to have a four-player cabinet with a spinner and trackball, but I digress. 
You have some great advice here. I will point my friend toward Sketchup. I'm sure he will enjoy it. 
PM me with your blog when you get that setup. I would love to follow your progress.
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Thanks for the kind comments. I have to give all the credit to a friend of mine. His name is Brandon Haynes. I would point you to his Giant Bomb profile or his Twitter account or something, but he doesn't exist outside of meatspace. 

@Teirdome: The local mall had an arcade when I was a kid. I would go there occasionally on the weekend and spend $5 which went pretty far at 25 and 50 cents per play. I can understand the whole thing might lack appeal without the nostalgia factor although my daughter seems to love it in spite of the fact that she has no context for it whatsoever.