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Some of you may know that my friend has been building an arcade cabinet for me for some time now. He recently finished it, and it now has a happy home in my basement with the rest of my toys. It turned out really well. Here's a quick video tour of the cabinet. Feel free to post questions or comments. I will respond to everyone I can. 
The video is in HD, but you may have to click through to see it that way.
If you're curious and want to know more, check out this video I did for my blog while the cabinet was still in progress. 
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I've built two of my own, and, yes, I am totally bored with it. For my last system, I ordered and let them assemble it for me. It worked right out of the box without any tinkering!

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Hey, everyone. Share your hints for playing controller in the game. I may make a guide later on for playing controller. The controller interface is pretty good, but there is certainly lots to learn before you're really able to craft a great scene in 30 seconds. 
In particular, what sort of strategies do you use in preparing a story? 
I'll share the one thing I've learned to get things going. 

  • Select the player character before starting your speech bubble. The will insure you are able to type.
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Mobile Safari seems to break the bar at the bottom. The bar starts out at the bottom of the viewport when you load the site, but it stays in that exact position on the page rather than staying attached to the bottom of the viewport all the time. I hope I explained that well enough. 
Great job on the quest system! I'm loving it.

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I wouldn't say that I find it offensive, but you would never catch me with a Confederate flag. The justifications people give for waving that flag are the same people give for pride in the South in the context of the Civil War; they say it is a symbol of "states' rights" or their "heritage." Nevermind that their "heritage" is having fought a war for "states' rights" to subjugate an entire race of people to protect their economic interests. Saying it's a symbol of "states' rights" or that they are celebrating their "heritage" is really just a self-righteous smokescreen to cover up their longing for the "good ole days" when the woman was pregnant and in the kitchen, the black man was in the fields, and the white man was on top.
But, of course, that's just my opinion. ;-) Also, that's not to say someone couldn't have a legitimate reason for pride in the South or even for pride in the Confederate flag. For instance, I'm proud of my home state of Tennessee for banning smoking in restaurants. It was a move that totally shocked me. Now I can go into a restaurant without worrying how close my table in non-smoking will be to the smoking section and how this might affect my young daughter's developing lungs. It's a huge step for a state so dependent on tobacco as a cash crop, and I'm sure the measure was met with ample opposition.

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There are lots of good mentions so far. I would like to add 'Splosion Man. That is a great recent side-scrolling platformer.

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If you want to run games better, why not downgrade and put XP on it. Windows XP uses fewer system resources than Windows 7 which uses fewer system resources that Vista. If you're just looking to get the most out of the hardware you already have, that may be your best option.

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My suggestion is pretty new but also fairly obscure: Following. It is the feature-film debut from Christopher Nolan who directed the two most recent Batman movies in addition to Memento which is another fantastic suggestion although it is probably neither old nor obscure enough to fit your criteria.

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I feel so much better after reading this thread. Thanks, guys. I'm dialing down my difficulty to casual now without shame!

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I'm with @SeriouslyNow in thinking the problem is most likely your graphics card drivers rather than monitor drivers. Are you running Forceware 71.90? If you are and you still can't get that resolution, you may have to create a custom resolution. There is apparently some way to do this in the nVidia drivers although I don't know off the top of my head what it is.