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Aww... Nobody interested?


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I had a similar experience with Fez, but i didn't realise what I was getting into, I just knew that people had described it as "two games in one" and "difficult as hell". So when i discovered the symbols for LT and RT, and realised everything meant something and wasn't just window dressing, I started Goldblooming (, and my uni flatmates (who are also on game design course with me) shared some interest in the game, and some concern for my mental wellbeing for a few days. Eventually, when me and Rob went to see Argo, I left my friend who doesn't have an Xbox start his own save in the 4 hours we would be out. I came back, and he had gotten surprisingly far (he's really good at puzzle games), and understood many of the concepts I had worked out, though he had a head start because of me sharing my revelations. So we then loaded up my save together, and completed the game to 99%. We had to google that bit at the very end, but I can't imagine getting out with my sanity if I hadn't. It is my favorite game of this year, and makes me glad I purchased a cheap xbox 360 with a dodgy disc drive from a friend of mine :D

So, life story over.

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I posted previous episodes on here before and moderators were on my ass about self-advertisement. But I'd like to point out that some money went into this, none is coming out. We don't do channel ads or anything, because that kinda pisses people off. We just want to reach people who will appreciate this stuff, and we certainly don't have an advertsing budget, so forums is all we have. Maybe even help spread the word if you think of someone who may like it.

So straight into it. This is episode 4 of our LBP2 machinima we have been working on for a while. this one was delayed by a FULL YEAR. It was infuriating, mostly LBP2 related tech issues. Anyway, it's about 2 guys running a game store badly, there are game characters there, blue people, ostriches, all sorts of nonsense.

I'm kinda sick of looking at it, having been editing it and stuff these past few weeks. Here's to hoping you guys enjoy it!

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@warxsnake: I did. In fact, the reason this seems to have taken me back this far is because I manually saved. It's as if the auto-save is jealous of my ability to navigate the menu.

I have lots of other games to play, which is why this worries me. I like this game a lot, and now I am so bummed out, I might just move on to something else and this will remain on my back burner for a long while. I should probably just swallow this negativity and just blast my way back up to speed, and make sure not to trust the "continue" button ever again. Load manually.

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I have no idea why, but hitting "continue" made me load up a save from really really long ago. I am about 8 tedious radio towers back, 3 hours of story, and about 6 camps behind where I was. It then decides to auto-save before I realise this, effectively deleting my auto-save from my way-far ahead game. I was really enjoying this game, but I hate being forced to do shit twice, and this is a HUGE downer on the whole experience. Anyone else have that problem and have any kind of solution of how to fix or prevent it?

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@wumbo3000: That sounds like a total no-brainer! I don't use inverted controls, but it's crazy that any developer would not include that!

Also, I am getting it on 360, because episode 1 was free christmas day, and the rest of the episodes are on some kind of offer tomorrow. Not sure how much of a discount we'll actually see, Either way, I got DUST, which I was bummed out was half price not 5 days ago, and I may get Trials with what i have left when I have Walking Dead. I have enough to get both now, just weighing my options. Not like I have any shortage of games to play right now.

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I looked on the stores for both, and the PS3 version is cheaper with the option to buy a season pass, but I have heard vague reports of bad performance, and was wondering if anyone had any compelling reasons why I should download it on 360 instead.

I also plan to pick up Dust: An Elysium Tale and Trials Evolution and unfinished Swan unless anyone thinks I can do better for my money?

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I can no longer afford one, but based on tehse suggestions, I intend to get Trials Evolution very soon, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers (despite being available on PS3), The Walking Dead (on any platform, but probably 360), Iron Brigade.

I'll also check out Hell Yeah, Dust and Deadlight. I may also buy Bastion again for 360, seeing as I currently have it on Google Chrome (yes, the browser) and Mac.

I may just have to ask for a ton of Microsoft Points for christmas.

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The Quantum Thief. You'll have little to no idea what is going on for up to 100 pages, but love every word of it, and by the end, look back upon it as a possible favorite. Its worth the struggle. Reason for this is that it takes place in a future with technology that doesn't exist, that we don't even imagine to exist. It is like reading the following passage, but 100 years ago:

"Jim was flicking through the channels on his television, but found nothing of interest, and so he plugged in his earphones, turned up his favorite dubstep playlist on his ipod and loaded up an online game of Halo 4"

Its just full of non-existant technologies in a very different world to ours. Every fictional future we dream up is a product of our present, but this literally feels like a book from the future sent back in time. It is hard to understand, but you get most of it through context, or by looking it up. Oh, and if you want an audiobook version, it is read by Rupert degas, who is perhaps the greatest narrator ever heard. I once heard him described as a "voice artist", and that title fits him perfectly. Every character, a distinct, believable, unique voice.

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So I bought a second hand xbox from a friend of mine for £70 (great deal, even for an older model MW2 edition with a slightly reluctant disc drive).

I purchased Fez, which while flawed, may be my Game of the Year right now.

I also got Mark of the Ninja, which I love, but haven't played much of yet.

I am looking for some that can't really be experienced on PS3, because I have had a PS3 a while, and feel like making the most of my new console. So just throw at me the best XBLA or IBLIG you can think of. Throw in some multi-platform ones if you like, but exclusives prefered.

Thanks :)