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What I took away from this list is that I really had no idea what Jeff enjoyed this year from reading the site coverage. So it was like a list of surprises.

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I've felt for a while like the Nemesis system, while neat, gets way more praise than it deserves. I mean, OK, an orc kills you and moves up the ranks. It doesn't really change the game, does it? (Side note: yes, I own it and have played a half dozen hours) I don't get this desire for vengeance, I just go shit I died. Maybe I'll run into that guy again somewhere. Part of me feels like it gets written about so much because everyone recognizes how thin a lot of the rest of the game actually is. I dunno, I'll finish it at some point and see where I land.

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Shovel Knight and Kentucky Route Zero are both on the short list of "oh right I need to get those"

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Considering the LEGO games' propensity for too many unlockable characters, I only want this if most of the unlockables are playable dinosaurs. Like, you need the Dilophosaurus spitting ability for certain objects, etc.

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@spankmealotus: I'm not sure how much you actually care, but you should dig up some late 80s/early 90s concert bootlegs. It's remarkable.

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@blupotato: I've learned to stop myself before posting a comment or a forum reply and think, "Is this going to bring anything to the discussion?" and it turns out half the time the answer is no, so I delete it and move on. I'd like to think more people do this but I'm probably too optimistic.

For example, I'd like to respond to the people attempting to somehow defend his actions and lament his probable exit from game development, but it's not going to go anywhere.

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I think this would be a more interesting read if the world first clan was a secondary part of it, and the meat of it was about the raid itself, the mechanics, and the choices Bungie made. As it stands, I don't really care who beat it first and it doesn't really explain anything about why it was so difficult. They died almost 3 times per minute, for what?

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I own a PC and a PS4, and I decided to wait for the Wii U version of this game for some reason. I'll still buy it, glad they haven't completely abandoned it.

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Not gonna read all 300 comments so maybe someone mentioned this, but that line is hilariously (grossly?) similar to Mattrick's response about people who want an Xbox One but aren't online - "for those people, there is this other Lara Croft game."

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I'd like to see some actual numbers on things like DVD/BR retail sales vs iTunes/Amazon VOD etc sales. I still buy most of my new media physically (especially music), but I am not above filling in a few holes or replacing a long lost album with a $5 Amazon sale. PC games are basically locked in at this point; most of the ones you buy off a shelf are Steam activated anyway, it seems.

I think I just like the idea that it's mine and nobody can take it away from me. I also don't think it will go away completely, ever, and not just in the sense of old videogames or vinyl. Those mediums were replaced by other, updated mediums. Going analog to digital is a pretty major shift.