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This started about a week ago but I just started to notice it. The audio and video don't sync if a video is streamed in the iPhone web browser; the video seem to be running slower than the audio. If downloaded or viewed using the giant bomb video app, the video is choppy to the point where it's about a frame or two per second but the audio is fine. Other video services such as youtube are unaffected and until last week giant bomb stuff worked fine. Not sure if this is on my end but did some basic troubleshooting and couldn't find anything.

EDIT: Tested with watching Giantbomb on youtube both on local networks and using 4G and none of these issues show up; the videos play smoothly.

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Have they fixed the sound bug yet, other than the placeholder fix of installing the game on a second hard drive?

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@zevvion said:

I've been reading some of these and while I'm not big on the sport, can you just start calling it football? It's not soccer or futbol or whatever. I get that the US likes to cut itself off from the rest of the world, but this is the internet. The rest of the world is here. It's called football.


We are being true to the roots of the sport, not using the modern term from your gutter-tongue. :p

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A lot of Americans only see soccer every two years (four if they don't care about the Women's Cup) and then this is what they see.

If you complain, you are told that faking is part of the game and that replays would hurt its "integrity" of some such tripe. Even baseball is getting with the times and using them in some amount now. The feelings that referees have way too much power with yellow and red cards that can be game winning by themselves (a system like hockey where once you score your lost player is returned would be better) and their discretion about how much added time stopping time is at the end instead of just stopping the clock are common complaints. For a game that is supposed to be always moving compared to American football there is a lot of stopped or slow play when players boot the ball out of play, crowd around to yell at the ref, pass the ball back and forth, or act hurt to get penalties for the other guys.

The World Cups are fun as hell and I love watching them but soccer in general is boring in the US and if you haven't been brought up loving a team or know a bunch of people already into it it's really not interesting to get into. It has a reputation where the players are all cheaters and the rules support them for it and a lot of people can't respect that aspect of the game. Additionally there's a lot of attitude amongst soccer fans that since it's the most internationally popular game it's the best and people that don't like it are uncultured philistines. I don't begrudge anyone for liking any specific sport (fun is fun!) but if you are honestly interested in why people (mainly Americans) don't like soccer that's a lot of it.

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So this means Vinny is going to be back in three months?

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Hoping Brad starts getting homesick too and then everyone can move out here on the correct side of the country.

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Yeah exactly. I understand that other people will be there (although with Dave, Ian, and Vinny all being gone it's questionable who will fill those spots) but really Vinny doing stuff like dropping an arm on a monster or actually acting out his character is what made that fun. No one else really seemed to get into it like that so I don't think it would be that interesting without him.

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Vinny's silliness is what made it interesting so I'm not sure it really stands without him.

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Now that Vinny is leaving I think the idea is probably dead.

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@borp said:

I am very skeptical that this will be the best for the site, but it is the best for Vinny so i wish him the best of luck.

I have to agree since I feel Vinny is the driving force behind a lot of the good content (VinnyVania, random gameplays, Breaking Brads oddly enough) and I'm not sure what things will be like without that but as you say it's best for him so we should wish him luck. A Vinnyless podcast really doesn't have me excited though. :(

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