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Finally some Antichamber love. Can't believe its not on more lists. That game is incredible.

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Don't place it in vertical position because the air goes through the sides (or top and bottom if its vertical).

Also don't play Killzone because it seems to do some voodoo magic that makes the PS4 sound like a jet engine.

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I can't believe Dark Souls is behind. This is insanity!

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Wow this is difficult. Both games are so amazing! Mass Effect 2 just had such an amazing universe and atmosphere. The story was great and the RPG/shooter split super fun.

But Fallout 3! I spent so much time immersed in that world. The shooting wasn't great but I still loved the gameplay. Just walking around in that game was great.


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These polls are going to give me a heart attack lol.

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First, I believe the 0.4% number came from Sony so it's hard to say whether that is accurate or not. Second, I really don't think we'll know until more units are out there and they've been used for a longer period of time whether there are any sever problems. From what I remember, the Xbox 360 issues weren't seen as severe during the first week. It took time for people to really get a good sense of how large the issue really was.

As for people reporting issues at launch; that will always happen. Hardware has a failure rate and the PS4 is not an exception. Even after launch window hardware will have failure rate. I bought a 360 two years after launch and same with PS3. Both failed and I had to replace them.

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53, though I haven't finished most of them. Only a few kept me interested until the end.

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Journey lost to Call of Duty and Braid lost to Batman?! MaaaaAAAAN!

At least Dark Souls and The Last of Us are still in this.

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Man, you guys are monsters. I mean Batman is the greatest super hero game ever made, but Dragon Age: Origins is so much better!

I am a sucker for fantasy though sooo.

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You people are crazy! MGS4 is way better!

Portal 2 is pretty good though.