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Buy it! Story mode is about 20-25 hours long the game is about 30-40 bucks now? Supporting Atlus is the way to go!

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First Impressions I had with the game. About 4-5 hours in


I have finished Leon's and Jake's Campaign since the video

I was ok with Leon chapters 1 - 2. I did get annoyed by the stupid instant kills (fucking ambulance and trains made me rage) and the stupidly small rooms crammed with as many people as possible to give you no freedom of movement! How am I supposed to dodge lunging zombies when I cant roll left or right because I'm bumping into the stupid survivors!

Chapter 3 is a pile of garbage! There is nothing to it. Its move,QTE,shoot,QTE,Move,shoot! Every level is one straight line! The boss battle was ok for the most part. It wasn't straight up broken like most of them.

Chapter 4 Who the hell thought those QTE's were a good idea! I seriously died 4 times to the stupid plane. Chapters after 3 stop being anything like RE 4 and just become explosion fests! The boss fight at least was somewhat interesting (train boss) I at least felt like I was hurting him.

Chapter 5 The final boss is just dumb. He would not grab any of the correct zombies. I would even clear out the area of them and he would go and grab ones off the balcony! After he finally grabbed the correct one he seemed to go after it every time.

Over all I hated Leon's campaign. Its stupid linear and the rooms are often so small you cant dodge and maneuver around enemies in the first 2 or 3 chapters.


Over all I liked this one way more but it did have some things that bothered me.

Chapter 1 just linear run through area kill dudes get to next area. Run at screen

Chapter 2 The stealth sections were weird at first. I didn't realize the bugs would not see you with their backs turned. Even though it looks as if they are using sonar of some sort.

The snow mobile part is just dumb and there was no need of it.

Running around the snow looking for the data was ok...as it was the first time the game wasn't a giant corridor and you had some choice on where to go first.

Chapter 3

The first part of sneaking out of the lab was pretty fun! ( I did play this one co op split screen so I was able to see both sides of it)

I played sherry and my friend played Jake. As Jake was whipping ass sherry was sneaking around assassinating fools! I did get caught once but Jake is able to control a turret to help Sherry out.

The part to collect 10 coins was ok. It again was one of the only other parts where I saw the game open up from a freakan corridor. The Motorcycle part like the snow mobile was freakan stupid. Touching anything would kill you and dodging the vehicles was such a pain. Just unnecessary again.

Chapter 4 I believe this is where you try and meet up at the rendezvous point? It was simple, I wasn't tearing my hair out or anything, but annoying boat QTE's

Chapter 5 was ok as well. The Last boss was easy but at this point I just wanted to get it over with so I didn't mind it.

Also the story between Jake and Sherry was SOO much better than the crap that was Leon and Ms .whatshername.

Planning on finishing up the game some time soon doing Chris and then Ada.

I also want to add that I loved 4 and like 5. But I for the most part dont like this game. Although I like what they did with the dodge rolls and the movement and the melee for Jake. But its just the enemies and the stupid amount of corridors that kill the game for me. The game's combat only really shines in mercenaries mode. But I don't play RE games for that. I play for the campaign.

I really wanted to like this game but the unnecessary QTE's(way more than 4 and 5 had) ,the really dumbed down enemies, the EXPLOSIONS IN YO FACE, the dumbed down inventory and weapon system, really kill the game for me. I hope all these parts are fixed in the sequel or reboot. Because somewhere buried in all the shit and trash is a great game.

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Labrys all the freakan way!