Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller, My Thoughts

After investing in a Vita, my interest in my PS3 was renewed. I realized that the only reason for my avoidance of the platform is its controller. I went ahead and swapped my 360 copies of BF3 and Reckoning for their PS3 versions and pulled the trigger (pun acknowledged) on the ultimate customizable (and priciest) controller.

Snazzy marketing video incoming!


  • Trigger and joystick resistance
  • Materials and (customizable) weight
  • 360 layout for PlayStation 3
  • Swappable components for custom layout (use PS3 dpad with one 360 joystick and one PS3 joystick)
  • Sturdy, removable cable
  • MLG branded carrying case


  • $100 -- yikes!
  • No wireless
  • LOUD shoulder bumpers
  • Can't power on the PS3*
  • Mushy Battlefield 3 controls on PS3**

*faulty controller?

**not the controller's fault...