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I try and get in at least the Daily Challenge everyday, but none of the people on my friends list play unfortunately. I would enjoy seeing some names on the list after I fail miserably.

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Thanks for the link. Picked them up and added you on Steam.

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@falserelic: That's a good way to go into a new job, and that is how most of your co-workers feel as well. As you get to know some of them, you may become friends. I was just warning against looking to be everyone's friend from the start, as that will hold you back, and can easily put you in positions where you could lose your job.

Either way, congrats on your employment. I just started a new job as well. I've been unemployed for about 2 1/2 years. It's only a temporary contract, but it's full time hours which is nice. And then this morning I get an email that will probably lead to a job with a local developer.

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@gokaired said:

@falserelic: I'm in a similar situation, after years of education and volunteer work i started my first paying job last week (in a computer shop).

My suggestion is you make friends as quick as possible, not just with the older colleges but with your fellow new employees, it makes the experience much easier.

When i applied for my current job it was my first and only job interview and I got it. Congrats and don't rock the boat.

Congratz on your new job too man, and yeah I'll try to get to know some of my co-workers aswell.

Be friendly and get to know everyone, but becoming friends with your co-workers within the first few months isn't the best idea. Working with the people you do for a long period of time will get you there eventually. But starting out looking to make friends is a bad way to go into a job.

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@kishinfoulux: It is an item, but in Black and White 2 it was acquired fairly early in the main path, and from what I've read it is acquired just as early if not sooner in X and Y.

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@mariachimacabre: It is such an amazing example of sound design. I'm so glad it's back. I don't remember if it was used in the last remake because all I can remember was Mathew Broderick, the Puff Daddy video above, and baby godzilas and roller blades from the cartoon (this may be something from my imagination though... if so I have something to draw). That roar though is chill inducing in this trailer either way.

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@funkasaurasrex: Your tone was more than likely obvious to most, I am just very cautious to not be a dick on the internet, as I hate being one in life in general. If you enjoy the videos you have seen of Game/Show, I would highly recommend the PBS Idea Channel as well, especially the episodes about Attack on Titan and the nature of evil, and especially the episode on the ethics of AI.

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If the full film keeps the tone of that teaser I am fully in. It would be amazing for a Kaiju film get back to the roots but with a modern sensibility. Pacific Rim captured the more ridiculous tones of later Kaiju films quite well in my view, but this teaser hits a tone of real devastation that is only matched by the horrors of nuclear war, just as the original Gojira was attempting when it was made and released. I cannot wait to see this now.

I also need to seek out Monsters as well now. I want to see the film that set the director down this path.

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@funkasaurasrex: That wasn't my intent in the post at all if it came off that way. And if it did, I apologize. You shouldn't feel that way at all. Having the guy wear frames without the lenses will probably turn off more people than the glare would have so PBS made a poor decision in my opinion. But the content of this channel as well as their others like it are pretty great none with less.