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I spy... an Anthony Carboni!

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No one expected the Backwards Flying Dragons Should Disappear Next Week to come out of the gate perfect, as the kinds of writings Patrick crafts are prone to having what might call...jank. Fortunately, the articles themselves are so terrific that it’s (mostly) excusable.

So Patrick is the Bethesda of news articles?

Yup... Spot on.

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Clive Barker's Undying scared the living crap outta me. Not sure how it would hold up these days. Also Fatal Frame delivered that dread to unique to J-Horror (minus the bikinis).

Daaayum... 16 pages in and finally just now someone mentions Clive Barker's Undying... Goddammit.

That was an genuinely creepy (and awesome) game. If you can stomach early oughts graphics, definately play it.

Also, gun in one hand, magic on the other. Way before Bioshock.

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Tomb raiding for Triforces in Indiana.

Wow, I wouldn't have ever gotten that third one without this hint.

No shit. That character is the last that comes to my mind when I think "archeology". No Liara T'Soni? Not even Ezio Auditore da Firenze? Pfft. Still trying to get Forefathers...

Edit: OK, got it. Urgh, really?

Liara? Ezio? Fuck that! Where's Pitfall motherfucking Harry?!

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Duke Togo (P E R I O D ! ! !)

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And Shivering Isles is also up there on rich setting, characters and lore, I'd say.

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Wow. Just a while ago I was remembering how much I enjoyed and also hated this game. Then I see this... Cue Twilight Zone theme...
I didn't know Bethesda owned Arkane. Does this mean we'll get Dark Messiah of Might & Magic style swordplay in TES: Skyrim perhaps? Hmmm.

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Akavir. Exotic. Chance for new content, like new races for example (aren´t akavirians some sort of oriental dragon like people?).
That or an MMO encompassing all of Tamriel. An instanced MMO kinda like Guild Wars would be acceptable. An MMO like WoW not. No. Uh-uh. 
Summerset Isles, Skyrim, or any other specific province only would just outright suck, even thought I´d play the hell out of it anyway.