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@mosespippy: Yeah, I replied here before seeing the other two were also get localized. My point still stands however >_>

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Clearly the bigger news out of the two games announced by Atlus today.

(No, really, I'm super excited this is getting localized)

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I'm really surprised that it's coming out here so quick after they just released Dangan Ronpa, but I'm so excited. I can't wait to finally be able to play this.

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I'm getting this, mostly since I've already played it, to see how different the official localization is. That and to support and hopefully help get the sequels out over here as well.

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Also, since you don't like the time limit, I'd just knock out getting into the TV and doing dungeons as soon as you are able to go in, and then focus on social links after you finish a dungeon until the three days of rain hits.

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I don't even drink, but I'd have a beer with each and everyone of you duders.

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When Drew initially spoke about him coming into Giant Bomb and hearing his voice break and the end right before the 'Emails!' just absolutely tore me up. But getting to here all those great stories and laughing wholeheartedly, helped a lot. Thanks guys.

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I'll be downloading this as soon as I can, depending on when I work Sunday.


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